Jackie Baillie cannot read line graph

In the Herald we read:

Every health board in Scotland will open walk-in vaccination centres from Monday amid concern the number of doses administered fell by almost 40% last month. Nicola Sturgeon has insisted the vaccination programme is not slowing down, despite claims from Labour’s health spokesperson, Jackie Baillie, that “it is beginning to stall”.

What really? That will be clear in a line graph then? We’ll see the line dip won’t we? Let’s see:


Maybe it’s the second doses that are falling? Let’s see:

There must be something wrong here. Scottish Labour don’t lie and they’re really good at sums, aren’t they?

12 thoughts on “Jackie Baillie cannot read line graph

  1. Our local vaccine centre has had a drop in facility for about a month for younger people who haven’t registered online etc…so no idea what Baillie is going on about. Looking at Travelling Tabby, Scotland is now ahead of England for the vaccine. maybe Baillie read the wrong graph or might it be she is just simply lying, hm hm.

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  2. Btw totally OT, I heard via Indy Car G. Ross that the amazing observatory in Galloway forest, darkest skies in Scotland and likley UK…has been destroyed by fire, (thought to be a suspicious fire, ie deliberate). Another tourist attraction destroyed by fire in Scotland, anyone see a pattern? Glasgow school of art, burned down twice, the Scottish Crannog Centre in Perthshire and now this.
    Very worrying indeed. Need CCTV on all iconic buildings and tourist attractions etc in Scotland.

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  3. British Labour in Scotland do lie and they really aren’t interested in any sums that don’t support whatever lie they dream up at any time on any given subject. They do this with effective impunity because the likes of the State Propaganda Unit and the Herag will never under any circumstances point out their lies.

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  4. Hate to say this but your graphs do show a slow down. They will never dip because they are cumulative.
    Good reasons for this – younger people harder to pin down etc.
    Slight O/T no-one seems to criticise not slamming on level 3 when Boris let Delta in – or was it already too late?


    1. Johnson stalled and stalled in putting India on the red list knowing full well there was a variant of Covid being brought into the UK via flights, it’s criminal actually. It’s almost as if they want the Covid virus to keep circulating, and that would be the truth of it.

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      1. You couldn’t put that past them to be honest. From the perspective of Johnson and the rest of his Disorganised Criminal Gang /Clown Troupe / ‘Government’ a continually circulating and mutating virus provides a near perfect smokescreen that prevents the kind of scrutiny their activities would attract in ‘normal times’. Who knows what’s being missed between Covid, carefully confected culture wars and the constant poking at the EU?

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  5. ALL media have given this latest Labour propaganda wheeze credence lately, “vaccination programme appeared to slow last month” has been comprehensively dismantled in Holyrood, media interviews and even Covid Updates, yet as the incontinent pigeons and a hundred other ‘creations’ before, it lands among the public with a dull splat and a muttered expletive.

    Similarly, the ludicrous “GPs stretched on vaccinations” story promoted by HMS Sarah Smith et al accomplished what precisely ? Increased jaundice at today’s disingenuous politics and further loss of trust in the media ?

    As this latest phase of the vaccinations program rolls out to the younger populace and the sequential prioritising of recipients tails off, increased use of drop-in centres are a logical step.
    Labour know this but can’t let the opportunity pass to concoct a “conspiracy”.

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    1. When I accompanied my sons to the vaccine centre, it was a constant stream of young people attending, both days we were there. They are asked to wait around for 15 mins after the jag just to make sure they are OK, which is a good idea.

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      1. My wife and I had both our jabs together and it was a scoosh – highly efficient. Same when I went with my two sons.
        Between that and the Lateral Flow Tests supplied by the local pharmacies, it’s hard to seriously be critical of the amazing NHS response to the pandemic. Right enough, Sarwar, Lennon and Baillie on the red tory side and Dross, Fraser and Annie Wells on the ‘official’ blue tory side need to be seen to ‘do something FFS’. Oh aye, and Wullie thingy as well. In the interests of fairness, of course. He canny always be driving that bus to Kelty.


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