Reporting Scotland delighting in our cares

Reporting Scotland’s health correspondent, Lisa Summers, has been troubled recently but is now back with a big smile as Scotland’s infection rate climbs above that in other parts of the UK.

I haven’t seen her so happy since hospital-onset infections climbed at the end of 2020:

She neglected of course, then, to compare with rUK as hospital-onset infections in England were running at nearly 10 times higher. When they started to fall in February 2021, I had to take over reporting the story. She was reportedly distraught:

Reporting Scotland health correspondent uses misleading graph to obscure  lower death rate in Scotland – Talking-up Scotland 2021

The BBC Scotland website is currently reporting the high infection levels but not comparing with rUK. Reporting Scotland with Good Morning Scotland take the naked bias that bit further.

Reporting Scotland is, of course, not never telling us that infection levels over the whole pandemic have been much lower in Scotland:

nor that deaths have been much lower:

nor that we currently have the lowest R rate:

nor that we have been vaccinating more than England and N Ireland and are closing the gap with Wales, much-praised by it’s own BBC:

Only their protection of the Scottish Tories from tough questioning about the behaviour of their Westminster leaders is more clear evidence of their bias.

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8 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland delighting in our cares

  1. Let’s not dwell too long on past glories.

    Case rates in Scotland are huge. Hospitalisation and Deaths are higher (for now) than rUK.
    The policy seems to be to let the Delta rip in the unvaccinated and partially vaccinated. Two jags do not give full protection especially to those who have weakened immunity.
    I for one will be keeping a low profile while cases surge. I’ll feel safe once herd immunity kicks in.


    1. Past glories? Oh I forget, the media went out of their way to report the positive approach that the SNP took last year, not! The SNP government are however, desperately working round the clock to get our young people vaccinated right now. My two in their 20s just had theirs.
      The SNP are most certainly not following a ‘herd Immunity’ policy, however the English government is!
      Deaths, nor hospitalisations are higher in Scotland, cases are scarily high, but if you look at travelling tabby yesterday, many regions of England have similar numbers if not higher, and their population in most regions is not five plus million.

      The thinking now is that the vaccination hugely reduces the effects of Covid, and therefore deaths. You can watch Dr. John Campbell, health analyst on YouTube he does a daily report about the pandemic. The delta variant is massively more transmissable, which is why people need to stop travelling about as if there’s no problem.
      One thing, I have watched Dr. Campbell talk about Ivermectin, a common anti parasite medicine which has proven to reduce effects of Covid hugely, and is cheap and widely available, it is now being considered as a treatment. Apparently, a handful of people have become billionaires because of the vaccine, when certainly, there could be existing affordable meds used. The US are investing billions in producing anti virals, they obviously know something we don’t.

      Scotland cannot close their border, and if the Scottish government imposed more restrictions, they’d be accused of wrecking lives and livelihoods again by the 100% anti SNP media. Unfortunately, tourist season is upon us, so this will continue to spread like wildfire for sometime to come. Deaths though, given the high number of cases, are very low so I don’t accept your accusations against the Scottish government at all. They really are doing their ‘best’ unlike the disaster capitalists in London, ‘but Boris is doing his best’, poppycock! The English government really have been and still do have a herd immunity policy, and not because they give one damn about people, quite the opposite in fact.

      Lastly the Scottish government are working against huge odds, being held back by the English government, in terms of how they manage the situation, and also in terms of finance. It must be having a huge impact on Scotland’s finances and economy, and let’s not mention Brexit, absolutely catastrophic for Scotland. It’s bloody tragic it really is.
      A pandemic is one thing, but to have to deal with economic annihilation because of the next door country’s backward choices, well it partly breaks my heart, and partly has me bloody raging.
      Sorry long comment, SNP are not perfect, but [edited]

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      1. The SNP are most certainly not following a ‘herd Immunity’ policy, however the English government is!
        I wholly agree. In England they are removing mitigation measures in schools.
        Please don’t misunderstand me. When I say herd immunity I mean the herd immunity brought about by 70% population vaccination which will reduce transmission perhaps to the point of elimination.
        Supply of vaccine is still limited so this is taking longer than I would like. Also there’s at least 10 weeks before 2 jags are effective.

        Previously SG has followed its own course in fighting the pandemic but level 3 to level 2 was in my opinion premature and was decided before the delta variant appeared.

        A gamble has been taken on the vaccine. I just hope it pays off


      1. When asked about abysmal death record for UK Boris & co reply that the pandemic is not yet over clearly hoping for other countries to equal or surpass their shameful performance. This is why I mistrust arguments involving overall performance. When we were doing better they did not report it but that was then. If we come out of this better than rUK again no doubt we won’t hear of it from them

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    2. I do not think Professor Robertson is talking about ‘past glories’.

      What he is doing and what the site seeks to do, is to put Scottish media reporting into a broader context so that a more balanced judgement can be made.

      Like you, I note the rising numbers and continue to follow the advice regarding physical distancing wearing of masks when appropriate, hand washing, ensuring the house is ventilated.

      The data indicate that it is mainly those under 40 who are being infected, and indicate that amongst the old codgers such as I who has had two jags, the rate of infection is very much less. Hospitalisations and deaths are much lower compared to last year. Although some young people do suffer severe affliction, most, it seems have relatively mild symptoms, with some being asymptomatic. Medical treatments appear to be more effective.

      Far more young people are being vaccinated. By a combination of vaccination and infection, we are edging closer to ‘herd immunity’.

      Despite the ‘expert epidemiologists of the hospitality and travel industry’, I do feel a bit more optimistic than any time in the past 15 months, but, I am not complacent. I think that the bulk of the population – not those ‘vox popped’ by the media are similarly sensible and level-headed.

      I am enjoying having my family stay for nearly two weeks, It has boosted our morale.

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  2. Typo in the title John.
    Reporting lies about Scotland, the BritNats enjoy a good SNP bad story, politising a deadly virus, remember that last year they accused the SNP of doing. It’s the classic tactic of attempting to plant the idea in peoples’ minds, while actually doing that exact thing they accused the SNP of doing. They don’t even hide their propaganda, just as the Tories don’t hide their corruption.
    Little Britain is big on blatant lies and corruption. What a backward backwater little Britain is, Scotland get out before it’s too late.

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