The question is not how could we survive outside of the UK, it’s how it keeps us poor now

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From SNP Media:

The SNP has said “independence is the only way to unlock Scotland’s full economic potential” – as new analysis reveals the UK has been the least wealthy country per person than all of our European neighbours for every year of the 21st century.

New analysis from the House of Commons Library [See Notes] shows the UK has had the lowest wealth per head of every country in north west Europe for every year of the 21st century. It means the UK is behind all thirteen neighbouring countries, including Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Iceland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, France and Germany.

The analysis, using data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), shows per person the UK is £5,062 less wealthy than the average of all countries in north west Europe, and £15,739 less wealthy than those independent countries with a population similar or smaller than Scotland.

The data also shows that the wealth gap between the UK and our European neighbours has grown worse over the past two decades. The percentage deficit with the average of those countries has doubled from -7.6% in 2000 to -16.3% in 2021, and for those countries with a population similar or smaller than Scotland it has gone from -26.6% in 2000 to -50.7% in 2021.

Commenting, SNP Westminster Deputy Leader Kirsten Oswald MP said:

“It’s increasingly clear that independence is the only way to unlock Scotland’s full economic potential – so we can be as wealthy and successful as our European neighbours.

“The UK is the poor man of North West Europe – with the lowest wealth per head of any country for the whole of the 21st century, and a wealth gap with our European neighbours that has grown worse over the past two decades.

“The evidence shows that independent countries of Scotland’s size or smaller do better. The UK is now a whopping £15,739 per person less wealthy than those independent European countries similar in size or smaller than Scotland.

“Scotland is vulnerable under Westminster control. These figures cover Westminster governments of both colours and the long-term damage of Tory austerity cuts and a hard Brexit has already cost Scotland billions of pounds, and it will continue to harm our economy – leaving people poorer and worse off.

“The only way to keep Scotland safe is to become an independent country – with the full powers needed to secure a strong, fair and equal recovery and unleash Scotland’s economic potential.”


1. GDP per capita in 2021, at purchasing power parity exchange rates, converted to sterling using constant 2017 prices

Sources: IMF figures calculated by House of Commons Library [click image for full size]

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16 thoughts on “The question is not how could we survive outside of the UK, it’s how it keeps us poor now

  1. And, for half of that period – 2000/2010 – Labour was running the economy and, allegedly, with the Bodger as Chancellor is was claiming to be redistributive.

    The Bodger’s ‘pooling and sharing’ really means that the great majority of us pool our assets and the financial elite share it amongst themselves and then move it offshore.

    So for the Bodger and Blair cronies we are “Better Together’ – better for them.

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    1. It was deliberate policy by Slab to keep Scotland as a poor relation in order to harvest votes, even though they knew Scotland would be wealthier as an independent nation.


  2. Every time a Westminster politician claims that the UK is one of the wealthiest ‘countries’ in the world , the Poverty Gap should be highlighted , similarly the poor pensions compared to the EU , not forgetting that we are a World Leader in Food Banks !

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  3. The UK has the fifth largest economy in the world, we are told.
    It has an increasingly impoverished general population, with a vastly rich elite, and Brexit will see that economic playing field tilt even further, as job security lapses, wages fall and contracts of employment become less reliable—but profits remain high.
    The UK has some of the worlds tax havens under its banner, but even without them, as the Panama Papers showed, wealth is syphoned off-shore to avoid both scrutiny and tax.
    The ONLY way to solve this for Scotland, is independence, but we live in a country where the colonial media is content for Scots to be as poor as our UK “partners”, and so the task of liberation is so much harder than it would be in a normal democracy.

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    1. G O . . . . If you take the City of London out of the figures . . . You are left with the economy that the average person lives and works in. . . . Where would that place the UK economy in the league Table . . . .

      Also I heard from a BBC2 documentary several years ago . . . That the reason the Gov. Allow Rich oligarchs to live in London was to bolster the UK GDP figures . . . . So if that lot plus tge City of London were extracted where would the economy rank in tge league table . . . . . Let me guess. . . Bottom!

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  4. A very interesting letter in the Tory P&J today,writer why is Westminster so keen to hold on to Scotland when they are always saying we are subsidised and get more than England regions,also asking why no media is asking why they are so keen to hold on to us. A question I have always asked myself but no gives an answer.

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    1. Because, as far as the media and the BritNats are concerned, we are “Better Together” – it as unchallengeable axiom.

      Since Mrs May, c 2016, disdainfully pronounced ‘now is not the time’ followed by Tory and Labour cronies saying that ‘Westminster will never allow another referendum’, the question as to how the people of Scotland could legitimately seek self-determination was never put to them until earlier this year when Ciaran Jenkins of Channel4 News put it repeatedly to Douglas Ross, who blustered angrily but never answered. I cannot remember any BritNat politician being asked that question by the media. It is still a ‘once in a generation’ event and according to the liar in Downing St, whom the BBC forbids anyone from calling a liar, that means at least 40 years.

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  5. This no surprise whatsoever
    The one and only key to economic success is Productivity
    And the UK in the last 20 yrs has been woeful to say the least
    Such explains the data quoted here as all other N.Europe nations steadily year upon year see the benifits of increased
    Ireland in particular has in the last 10 yrs
    Recorded spectacular gains in productivity
    Here in the UK the problems are almost unsolvable
    Productivity in essence is
    A. Investment in latest technology and infrastructure
    B.Properly educated and trained workforce and
    Inward investment in UK plummeting
    Government and private investment completely inadequate, most fiscal resources squandered on housing,quick buck gains etc
    Education system woefully inadequate in producing a end product fit for purpose,
    A belief in 100 % free markets catastrophic
    All these problems are now so deeply ingrained into the UK society
    And now impossible to resolve under our current system of government and electoral system
    None for England they are quite simply
    Doomed to cataclysmic failure which is already certain as matters continue TOO LATE for them a complete basket case now
    Scotland. Independence becomes more and more urgent as each day passes
    The longer this takes the less resources we shall have to implement the requisite policies
    The Union has NOTHING to offer other than rapid irreversible decline
    Whilst Independence if handled properly
    Can but only lead to a better future
    A vote for the Union now may only ever be considered as economic and societal suicide, Along with economic genocide for our young and future generations
    Matters are now so severe that it is impossible for the Unionists to offer far less explain any benefits of staying together
    All they have left is empty threats
    They are Paper Tigers vote YES and they shall fold like a rice paper umbrella in a light shower


  6. Fine words from Kirsten Oswald but when will we get any action from the SNP Mos and MSPs?
    I want them to declare Scotland is leaving the Union now and will start negotiations with England, The MPs from Westminster could do that while Holyrood runs the Scottish government. If we do that now there is a chance we might stop more Westminster legislation to set up dodgy trade deals we do not consent to or to curtail the powers of Holyrood.
    We need also need action on currency, banking, constitution and setting up our own tax, DVLA, DWP offices etc ASAP to show we mean business and the international community will take notice.

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    1. I think, hope that is all going on in the background arayner1936, and certainly the ScotGov do have DWP offices as some, though very few, ‘benefits’ are now devolved…not Uni ‘credit’ (as if it’s a loan or a debt) or job seekers allowance and nor is carers allowance…PIP is in the process of being transferred…and a few other benefits…But yes we definitely need more than murmurings very soon, the transition period for England’s devastating Brexit ends on 30th June. There will be price hikes like never before and, at worst, food shortages. It’s really not looking good, the SNP I hope have a few plans to get us out of the cesspit UK soon as humanely poss. Problem is Covid of course because the BritNats are blaming anything and everything re their catastrophic Brexit, on Covid.

      Would the UK/EngGov deliberately allow Covid to spread around the UK including Scotland, for political and financial gain for themselves. Put nothing whatsoever past them. The stats re Covid in Scotland are really bad…might seem far fetched but talked to a young checkout woman in local shop who said she’d been in bar when a guy came up to her and pals, no mask, talking at them, really close enough to spit, and started asking them questions about the vaccine etc, she said it awful and also weird, wondered if he was spreading the virus even! Stranger things have happened it would be very convenient if numbers of infections in Scotland stretch the Scottish NHS etc and cause more economic destruction. It’s not looking good for calling an indy ref anytime soon…the Tories/red Tories will be laughing into their champers every bloody day right now…

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  7. What’s going on in the background? Nothing, I’m afraid. Sturgeon has hollowed out the SNP so there is no democracy left. She’s more interested in Stonewall and GRA than she is in liberating Scotland. Why no strategy? No articulation of the benefits of independence? Why continue to cling to the absurd Growth Commission report and ignore the members’ vote in Spring 2019 for a Scottish currency asap? Why shut down member and branch resolutions for a Central Bank? The SNP won’t get us across the finish line. Many of us are despairing.

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    1. I’m certainly not despairing and nor are any I know, the folks who seem to do all the despairing are either not informed, ill informed, not paying attention or are deliberately sewing the seeds of such things for nefarious purposes and or the breed of Qanon blogger still infesting the internet with conspiracies of betrayal witchcraft and lies is instructing them to do so on behalf of the revenge devo max supporting independence party run by the former disgruntled FMs 1.7% party that the voters of Scotland heartily rejected because they didn’t believe a word of the supermajority slogan that sounded familiarly like *take back control* and give it to me so I can do what I did before

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    2. “Many of us are despairing.”

      Aye I’ve noticed that, it’s Unionists that are despairing. . . . They desperately need Indy Ref2 to be held before the effects of Brexit start to really bite, then there’s all these young pro Indy voters coming on stream whilst the old guard Unionists disappear off into the sunset. . . .


    3. Leah Gunn Barrett contributes eight lines of text. I count eight different issues raised: each expressed as an assertion, no supporting evidence, no context presented.

      Each of the eight issues is an explicit or implied condemnation, overall it’s a stream of negatives.

      Each of the eight issues, each of the assertions, is at the very least ‘arguable’ – more complex, more nuanced than implied.

      This form of argument reminds me of the debating tactic of the ‘Gish Gallop’ (exemplified in Holyrood and in TV debates by the likes of Ruth Davidson and Jim Murphy):

      – ‘The Gish gallop is a term for an eristic technique in which a debater attempts to overwhelm an opponent by excessive number of arguments, without regard for the accuracy or strength of those arguments. The term was coined by Eugenie Scott; it is named after the creationist Duane Gish, who used the technique frequently against scientists and other defenders of the scientific fact of evolution.’

      ‘During a Gish gallop, a debater confronts an opponent with a rapid series of many specious arguments, half-truths, and misrepresentations in a short space of time, which makes it impossible for the opponent to refute all of them within the format of a formal debate. In practice, each point raised by the “Gish galloper” takes considerably more time to refute or fact-check than it did to state in the first place. The technique wastes an opponent’s time and may cast doubt on the opponent’s debating ability for an audience unfamiliar with the technique, especially if no independent fact-checking is involved or if the audience has limited knowledge of the topics.”
      (from Wikipedia)

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  8. History is the greatest judge of most matters
    The more time lapses the more the awful truth reveals itself
    So with regards Scotland in the last 50 yrs judgement is as follows
    Never ever in Human history has a race of people came upon a vast natural resource of extraordinary wealth
    And actually became poorer and impoverished
    46 billion barrels of oil extraction that is now the case
    Historians will wonder as to how this happened and have great difficulty in explaining how
    I dont
    1.Stupidy on our behalf
    2.Propaganda and blatant lying by our Colonial Masters
    3. Above aided and abetted by all MSM
    in return for what is none other a meagre reward ( when you consider the wealth stolen ,who by and wasted what for ) in the form of a Queen,s honour
    A seat in the Lords or Directorship
    Shame and eternal damnation upon them all and their associates

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