SNP: Damned because they did


Not a single patient treated for virus? £7 million down the drain? More anti-SNP drivel-fodder for the opposition parties and their pet media rodents.

Why did the Louisa Jordan not need to treat a single covid patient?

Because the Scottish (SNP) Government moved quickly with the medics they have long respected, worked collaboratively with and can trust, to massively increase capacity in existing hospitals.

Because the FM, unlike the PM, turned up every day to treat us like adults and, in so doing, got our compliance, resulting in far lower infections levels in Scotland.

Because they freed-up space in hospitals by discharging the vulnerable elderly back in to their care homes where, as the research shows, they triggered no outbreaks.

Because the Scottish Government, once it had control of pandemic measures, was firmer, more consistent and more honest with the people.

Imagine the opposition and media response had the Scottish Government not set up the Louisa Jordan and our hospitals had been overwhelmed?

I know the Herald is a corporate news agency where profit is everything, but maybe it’s a model we don’t need anymore?

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    A loss of a once Great paper all down to capitalism at its worse

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  2. For some perspective, see Huff Post on 25 March 2021: ‘Revealed: What Really Happened In The Nightingales – Government under fire as it is revealed only three of the hospitals ever treated Covid patients.’

    ‘The findings, obtained using Freedom of Information requests (FOI), show only 272 inpatients were treated at the Nightingales up until January of this year.’

    But this is the most notable ‘reveal’: ‘The Nightingale Birmingham has NOT BEEN USED AT ALL throughout the pandemic’ (my emphasis): Huff Post reports that it was the ‘most expensive to set-up at a contracted budget of £109 million’!

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    1. And by way of contrast see

      ‘By 31 March (2021) staff at the hospital will have carried out more than 32,000 outpatient and diagnostic appointments, trained over 6,900 healthcare staff and students, and vaccinated approximately 175,000 people across the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area. The site has also supported the Scottish Blood Transfusion Service, with over 500 donations being carried out, as well as providing Occupational Health services for the University of Glasgow for nearly 1,000 people.’

      Health Secretary Jeane Freeman is quoted: “We said from the start that this facility has a vital part of our COVID-19 contingency planning but we hoped it would not be needed to treat COVID patients. Thanks to the continued efforts of the public, we have been able to maintain capacity in our hospitals across the country and use this facility to remobilise health services and treat patients whose healthcare had to be cancelled last year due to Covid.”

      The same SG source states: ‘The total cost of NHS Louisa Jordan, including building work, operational costs and decommissioning, is expected to be in the region of £70 million which is in line with forecasted costs.’ Recall, Nightingale Birmingham cost £109m JUST to set up and had not been used at all (according to Huff Post on 25 March).

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  3. The article also glossed over the inestimable contribution the Louisa Jordan made by providing a relatively safe space for the training of young medics and nurses as well as providing space for Ooutpatient appointments prior to being re-purposed as a vaccination centre with a throughput of many thousands per day.

    You had to go to the inside pages to find that info at the tail-end of the story. Nor, for context, did the Herald provide info on the cost of the little used Nightingale hospitals at least one of which did not have any toilets according to reports. They appear to have been a purely cosmetic exercise at UK taxpayers expense.

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  4. Typo in the fourth paragraph. The second “FM” ought to be “PM”, whose veracity cannot be questioned by anyone interviewed on the BBC.

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  5. ”£7 million to dismantle hospital ”
    So what did the Herald expect the SG to do with a facility which housed £millions in expensive and sensitive equipment ?
    Hire a couple of skips and dump all these vital resources ?
    Send it all down to The Barras and sell it at knockdown prices ?

    Jeez ! Does no one at that publication have any brainpower or are they asking Murdo Fraser and Annie Wells to write their columns now !

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  6. Only Hannah Rodger and the Herald could complain about the existence and cost of the Scottish Fire Brigade because there had been no fires..
    I’m inclined to part believe the “cosmetic exercise” argument posted above, but had they not been turned into reserve hospitals with morgues, how could they have coped with the bodies ? Covid patients were only one part of a complex problem.

    Yet the HUGE flaw in the emergency plan, most evident in London, was lack of personnel – The combined effect of paring the NHS to the bone over the years (not just Tories), the Brexit exodus, EU nationals leaving to deal with their own country’s difficulties, left England’s skeletal NHS frankly unable to cope.

    London’s hospitals were beyond breaking point, staff were exhausted and becoming ill, quite simply they ran out of people for their existing facilities and were unable to staff up the Nightingale – Recall the ambulance fiasco because there was nowhere to discharge the patient ?

    Now contrast that to Scotland – Rosters became stretched, but the NHS system was better able to cope because SG had protected it. Every step of the way the populace were informed, people complied with what was asked, and it worked.
    They didn’t have to use the Louisa Jordan, they didn’t have to call on the reserve list they had systematically built up, but all of that was down to the clear strategic thinking of SG and the redoubtable Jeane Freeman…

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