Great work by the Herald on our Toxic Union

More than once, on Ayr beach, I’ve spotted disturbing cylindrical, metallic objects washed up after a storm. The local media often warn us of the dangers of what are described as chemical weapons dumped in Beaufort’s Dyke in the Irish Channel between South-West Scotland and Northern Ireland, where Boris would have us sink piles for his Union Bridge.

Based on their own Freedom of Information request, they tell us:

This dumping went on for decades after World War I, including periods of Labour government.

What could more clearly demonstrate London’s contempt for us? Oh, well, Trident, the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing in Cumbria, Anthrax testing on Gruinard island of the West Coast of Scotland?

Strangely, the Herald seems to have missed a more detailed and damning account in New Scientist first published in 1995 and updated last year. Two extracts chill:

In the past month, more than 4500 incendiary bombs from the Second World War have washed up on beaches around the west coast of Scotland. They are made of phosphorus, benzene and cellulose, and were designed to ignite on contact with air. Four-year-old Gordon Baillie picked one up while playing in his uncle’s garden near Campbeltown on the Mull of Kintyre. It burnt his hand and leg, and made his clothes smoke. The phosphorus bombs are the clearest warning so far of the dangers of using the sea as a dump for military waste. The bombs were dropped into the North Channel between Scotland and Northern Ireland fifty years ago, but are now washing up on land and starting to burn. Worryingly, the phosphorus bombs are just a tiny fraction of the 1.15 million tons (1.17 million tonnes) of conventional and chemical weapons known to have been dumped in the sea around Britain since the Second World War. They could be the heralds of more to come.

Discovery of the first phosphorus bombs on 6 October at Saltcoats on the Firth of Clyde prompted a major cleanup operation. Every day for the following two weeks army bomb disposal teams picked up hundreds of them along the length of the Clyde coastline, round the Mull of Kintyre and on the islands of Arran, Islay, Jura and Gigha. Children were told to keep away from the beaches, farmers advised not to gather seaweed for fertiliser, and warning signs appeared on beaches. At first, the Ministry of Defence insisted that the bombs had no “UK military origin”, and that no evidence existed that they had ever been dumped at sea. But after a cross-party group of Scottish MPs met defence secretary, Michael Portillo, the story changed. On 2 November, the MoD admitted that the devices came from decayed 30 pound (13.6 kilogram) incendiary bombs of a type dropped from British aircraft in the Second World War.

Read more:

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11 thoughts on “Great work by the Herald on our Toxic Union

  1. A hint of the DEPTHS the British establiment will go
    M15 in conjunction with Unionists terrorist’s at the height of the problems in NI.
    Had concocted a plan to contaminate the Republic with anthrax
    The Unionist side had been supplied with
    The Anthrax and the mission was only aborted at the last minute when the Government was made aware of what was about to be executed
    If not the result and consequences would have been unthinkable
    Even Churchill in WW2 was dissuaded at the last minute of dropping of Anthrax on Germany
    When Bomber Harris pleading with him as the
    Lancasters were fully loaded and ready to take off
    Told Churchill if the mission went ahead we would win the war but Germany defeated in such a manner that would have rendered large swathes of it not fit for humanity for centuries


      1. “.. a plan to contaminate the Republic with anthrax ..” This is an allegation that I had never heard of before. Worth a root around – isn’t the internet and search engines an amazing resource!

        From 30 December, 2017 published by the Independent in Ireland is this:

        ‘Taoiseach Charles Haughey ordered a special investigation after it emerged via a Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) warning that British intelligence wanted him assassinated.

        “The chilling UVF letter also claimed that the British secret service also wanted to use the Loyalist paramilitary group to help destabilise the Republic’s economy by introducing such deadly diseases as anthrax, foot and mouth disease (FMD), and swine fever.

        “A letter, sent to Mr Haughey on August 5, 1987, claimed to be from a senior UVF official. It revealed that allegations British intelligence was behind a dirty tricks campaign against both the Republic and senior Irish politicians were correct.’

        And the article adds: “The UVF official said they were also offered spores of deadly diseases like anthrax and FMD to wreck the Republic’s agri-food economy.

        “They plan by doing so to destroy Eire economy and to make the Eire Government increase border security.”


        In other sources, the authenticity of the UVF letter is challenged.

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      2. “… Churchill in WW2 was dissuaded at the last minute of dropping of Anthrax on Germany ..”

        Another claim that I had never heard of before. Curiosity hard to contain!

        From a quick look online I found this from The Herald on 14 October, 2001: ‘UK planned to wipe out Germany with anthrax – Allies World War Two shame’ by George Rosie.

        The article states: “As the world recoils at the horrific possibility of al-Qaeda terrorists waging anthrax war against United States citizens, the Sunday Herald can reveal that Britain manufactured five million anthrax cattle cakes during the second world war and planned to drop them on Germany in 1944.

        “The aim of Operation Vegetarian was to wipe out the German beef and dairy herds and then see the bacterium spread to the human population. With people then having no access to antibiotics, this would have caused many thousands — perhaps even millions — of German men, women and children to suffer awful deaths.

        “The anthrax cakes were tested on Gruinard Island, off Wester Ross, which was finally cleared of contamination in 1990. Operation VEGETARIAN was planned for the summer of 1944 but, in the event, it was abandoned as the Allies’ Normandy invasion progressed successfully.

        “Details of the wartime secret operation are contained in a series of War Office files (WO 188) at the Public Record Office in Kew. Some of the files are still classified .”

        The article notes: “At the end of 1945, five million anthrax-infected cattle cakes were incinerated in one of Porton Down’s furnaces.”


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      3. Whilst undertaking a search triggered by premieroneuk’s contribution above, I also came across this about Winston Churchill. The more one learns the more ‘problematic’ (understatement) a character he appears.

        Source: ‘Churchill Proceedings – Churchill and Bombing Policy’ – The fifth Churchill lecture: The George Washington University, Washington D.C. 18 October 2005, by Sir Martin Gilbert CBE:

        ‘Churchill was in no doubt that gas could be successfully employed against the Kurds and Iraqis, using gas bombs, he explained to his advisers on 29 August 1920, “which would inflict punishment upon recalcitrant natives without inflicting grave injury upon them.”

        During the debate within the War Office, Churchill minuted: “I do not understand this squeamishness about the use of gas. I am strongly in favour of using poison gas against uncivilised tribes.” Churchill argued that gas, fired from ground-based guns or dropped from aircraft, would cause “only discomfort or illness, but not death” to dissident tribesmen.

        ‘Warned that the gas might “kill children and sickly persons, more especially as the people against whom we intend to use it have no medical knowledge with which to supply antidotes,” Churchill remained unimpressed, stating that the use of gas, a “scientific expedient,” should not be prevented “by the prejudices of those who do not think clearly.” In the event, gas shells were not dropped from aircraft because of technical difficulties. Regular bombs were dropped, however.’

        Recall, the nature of the author of this lecture and its audience!


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      4. John
        Others on here have done a admirable job of verifying or searching out sources
        Re Anthrax it was a anomonous RAF officer stationed in the control tower
        Where the pilots of the Lancasters warned that if they waited any longer for take off clearance that the
        Mission would have to abort for lack of fuel
        They were informed they must stay ready for take of as Harris was frantically pleading with Churchill to abort


  2. It’s another legacy that the SNP, and the Greens when they start doing what voters want them to concentrate on, (ie protect the environment), shout from the rooftops every damn day and put up billboards, asking the people of Scotland, is this OK and do you want more of this for your country?

    The English Government will need to pay out huge sums of compensation for their disgraceful environmental damage and destruction to Scotland, they must be shaking in their boots at the very thought.

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  3. The sea was regarded as the VOID for centuries, but Beaufort’s Dyke is particularly problematic for the UK because of the vast range of armaments disposed on the theory they would ultimately self destruct with no harm to humans.

    Explosions have shown up sporadically on seismic recordings, devices have washed up along Ayrshire’s coast and the Solway Firth and farther afield, Chernobyl and even Sellafield were theorised as sources for radiation spikes in D&G and even granite was blamed, the good ole Empire “somebody else can deal with it” approach, as so wonderfully exampled by the UK’s current PM.

    And frankly we nor they have a clue what’s down there, perhaps even the Mk1 Thatcher experimental clone has refloated and is rebooting on a Saltcoats beach as we speak.
    Suggest you keep watch for Turdo in full Orange regalia, a Larkhall pipe and drums outfit and Annie Wells reading from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein while prostrate on the beach, suspicious looking passers-by and their dogs muttering the immortal incantation “Feckin Arseholes”…

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  4. All part of the imperialistic mindset where what matters is the empire,it’s objectives and above all else,it’s survival.
    The Americans used agent orange in Vietnam,Cambodia and Laos knowing full well the effects it would have on people but it’s geopolitical objectives didn’t allow for any humanistic considerations to get in the way.
    When Scotland becomes independent,I am pretty sure that pressure will be put on London by both Dublin and Edinburgh to clean up it’s mess.
    The cleanup at the Dounreay nuclear establishment is going to cost £billions and that,I suspect,is a fraction of the chemical contamination that has been dumped in the North Channel.
    The Brexiteers can forget about a Great Buccaneering Britain should that happen.
    They are going to be far too busy fixing the problems they have created in the past.

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    1. bringiton
      Re.your comment that the Brexiteers
      Are going to be too busy fixing past problems
      Oh no they are most certainly NOT
      Because the unfolding catastrophic consequences of their delusional Brexit
      Shall quite simply overwhelm them as all implodes and collapses around them
      For now tis a case of fingers in the cracking dam ,which for certain shall burst upon them as the Union collapses and leaves England with very few resources or friends in the World
      The causes of such have all been enacted and the effects shall surely flow

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