Damning report accuses Tory/Labour coalition council of failing patients and pupils

In a BBC Scotland report, not headlining the website and not yet featuring in TV broadcasts, the Accounts Commission finds major failings in Aberdeen Council where a coalition of Conservatives and Labour has conspired to keep the SNP out of power, placing unionist tribalism shamelessly before leftist, progressive policies.

The BBC Scotland report, of course, keeps the political identity of the council off the headline and reveals it only in the 9th paragraph.

Even in the reporter’s own words the commission’s conclusion are damning:

The commission said the council ranked among the lowest in Scotland for satisfaction with schools, and that the poverty-related attainment gap for pupils was one of the widest in the country. Performance across many of its housing services was also said to fall well below the national average.

Had that referred to an SNP council, imagine the headline?

7 thoughts on “Damning report accuses Tory/Labour coalition council of failing patients and pupils

    1. They do shout about all sorts of things constantly, but it does not get published/broadcast. If you have not noticed the right wing/anti indy/anti scottish media in this country don’t publish stories that does not suit their narrative.

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    2. People are suffering because of the inadequacy of this Council and it would be wrong to seek to score PETTY political points as ConSLabLib and their slavering media do at the hint of any failure. What they want to do is BLAME – and for them, blame is an end in itself.

      It is right to make a FOCUSSED and CONSTRUCTIVE response.

      Such reports are objective and nuanced and are intended to provide an evaluation against agreed criteria od how effectively services are being delivered. They are an essential part, not just of accountability, but of judging the efficacy of actions and indicating ways to improve.

      What the opposition and the media do is mine the reports to find a single datum, which, when presented out of context in the language of hyperbole – SLAM, SPIKE, PLUNGE: are all favoured terms. They could not give a monkey’s about the people and about their satisfactions and improvements to quality of life. They want to BLAME!!!

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      1. Is it incompetence, you sure about that, or could it be deliberate, in order to score political points against the SNP because, the British Nationalist media are 100% anti SNP and anti independence, the Tories and Labour would even facilitate harm to the people of Scotland to suit their own agenda, helped by their pals in the media.

        It’s NOT PETTY to shout to the rooftops that the TORY/LABOUR coalition council in Aberdeen are not doing their job in working for the best interests of the children and the poor, in their area of Scotland.
        I would like to see their accounts quite frankly, what are they doing with the money they receive to work FOR the people, and in best interests of the people. Do they sit on it and use the media so called, to blame the SNP for their own failings, accidental or deliberate? The consequences are horrendous and for many will be life long. Just the fact this council is in coalition to keep the SNP out, as is the case in eight other councils in Scotland, (where SNP won maj of seats), and this report, which is probably the tip of the iceberg, tells us all we need to know about what the agenda of these British Nationalists is.

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  1. Any SNP
    MP or MSP must call them to account in order for them to explain themselves
    They are funded by Tax and rate payers
    To provide the best possible services possible and to follow and comply with
    All legislation
    NOT to play political games
    Start by the employed heads of the relevant departments and hold disciplinary meetings to weed all of them out
    We must show them where we have the authority and power that without hesitation that such will be applied without favour or quarter

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  2. I commend the BBC for enthusiastically keeping to their goal of educating, entertaining, and reporting events fairly as it states in its charter. Mind you that goal probably only lasted a week before their new unwritten rule of supporters of the establishment took over and they started to distort the eduction of the masses and misrepresented events to one of bended knee to Westminster, the Monarchy and the 19th century idea of the top society.

    This dimming down of news is common for the Beeb. They lie, the distort, they omit.
    Blindly Broadcast Crap. A new accurate name.

    We must ensure that in an independent Scotland such reporting is illegal and that all Scottish media owners must be resident in Scotland.

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