Watch their language

So, the Conservative UK Government is about to impoverish hundreds of thousands including children and someone is telling the ‘SNP’ to make up for it. Is anyone telling the Scottish Tories to tell their fellow meanies in Westminster to keep the Universal Credit uplift going?


Who is ‘telling’ the SNP?

No one.

‘Poverty campaigners and opposition MSPs have called on the SNP to speed up the commitment of doubling the Scottish Child Payment to £80 per month’

Calling? Not really telling is it. Calling on the SNP? Pointless? The Party members might like to help out but probably don’t have the money. Try the Scottish Government?

Which opposition parties? Are their London HQs calling on the Tories to even introduce a child payment?



3 thoughts on “Watch their language

  1. “Scorrish” (sic) Labour lost their mojo a long time ago, and have no clue how to find it.

    e.g Wee Brian Wilson.
    Was a coal merchant with Scottish Coal. And cost us all a fortune in clean-up costs.
    Now a flannel merchant with the Hootsmon, Herod and anyone else with a spare 50p. The original OBON-nio.

    Though he is also an Irish nationalist, who had the nick-name of “Dublin Brian” when he was a Minister, because he spent so much time there.

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  2. The New Order in Schools.
    One Britain, One Nation, One Boris.

    “We are the OBON-teenies,
    happy girls and boys.
    We march all day, no time to play,
    We have a song, just hear our noise,
    We salute the flag on Boris Day,
    Glorious Empire, the love that cloys…………….

    Now…all together……..

    We are the OBON-teenies……………..”!

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