If anyone finds a UK industrial strategy please notify Brian Wilson

I never, ever, read Brian Wilson. I don’t need to any more.

When I saw this with the wind farm shot, I was reminded of reading and posting on a breakthrough in turbine manufacture by a Glasgow company some time ago which could not get government funding perhaps from the Labour administration that Wilson served in.

I can’t find it in the archives of the blog or after a bit of googling. Perhaps a reader can?

Anyhow, I did find this:

So, once more, we invented something useful first and the Union let us down. To be fair, 1887 is bit early to blame Labour but they’ve had opportunities since.

16 thoughts on “If anyone finds a UK industrial strategy please notify Brian Wilson

  1. James Blyth was born in 1838 in the hamlet of Marykirk, Kincardineshire, where he attended the parish school and later Montrose Academy. He graduated BA from Edinburgh University in 1861 and MA in 1871. After a period as a private tutor, Blyth obtained teaching posts at the newly established Morrison’s Academy in Crieff and at George Watson’s College, Edinburgh, where he established the technical and scientific curriculum. In 1880, Blyth was appointed Professor of Natural Philosophy at Anderson’s College, later the Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College, a post which he held until his death in 1906. He was widely respected as a teacher, and his research concentrated on electrical problems, the telephone and microphone, and the application of wind power. He was granted several patents to protect his inventions. He began his windmill experiments around 1885, building a windmill in the garden of his house at Marykirk, and built another to supply electric power to the asylum at Montrose. He was awarded the Brisbane Gold Medal of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1892 for his work on the application of wind power to the production of electric currents.

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  2. Brian Wilson is a man who appears to be trapped inside a nationalist dogma. Someone should help him understand that constitutional democracy needs to be a dialogue of legal possibilities. So Brexit simply isn’t compatible with the rule of law doctrine, turning British constitutionalism into a monologue of right-wing English nationalism. So unless you actually support English Torydum, it’s best not to listen to those who’s judgement is grounded in a weak understanding of nationalism, and a seething hatred of the SNP.

    The Semiotic Hierarchy:
    Life, consciousness, signs and language

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  3. Brian might think back to Scotland’s industries much of which was destroyed by Thatcher and of course with Brexit, even the farming and fishing industries are likely to be diminished if not lost altogether in Scotland.
    If anyone finds anything positive or good that Brian Wilson’s party did for Scotland, talk to a British Nationalist daily rag or even, if you dare, inform the BBC.

    Let’s not mention the EngGovs’ deliberate curtailing of Scotland’s renewables industry by with holding funding.

    Over at the wiki page for Mr. Wilson it says, ‘he has been closely identified with regeneration of the Harris Tweed industry’ and he is ‘chairman of Harris Tweed Hebrides’, I am sure I read that some of Scotland’s tweed industries are really struggling to export due to Brexit being imposed on Scotland by the British nationalists. Brexit is detrimental to Scotland’s ‘industries’, how dare Brian Wilson make light of that, despicable.

    I have incidently been looking at some of Scotland’s industries, because I wanted to find out more about ‘Vulcanite’ rubber, namely really cool vulcanite bottle stoppers which we find here in the river. There is a lot to read, but this site is good for information in general.


    This too if anyone is interested, back in the day when ‘North British’ and ‘North Britain’, instead of Scotland, was used to make sure Scotland knew her place.


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  4. 1 – My suspicions are that many more are likely to report an encounter with Brian Wilson to the Authorities with suggestions of a white coat with straps… I know of no energy strategy which might agree with Brian Wilson beyond hauling his arse off a chair for a toilet break.
    2 – Excellent synopsis from @Alex Montrose on James Blyth, “Blyth House” stands to this day even if the foundations of his early experiments are long gone. He would be astounded how far the science he was interested in and tried to develop in transforming energy has moved on from those early days. His was a DC world because that was established and known science, AC was to fundamentally change the world he knew, little did he realise it. Happy memories of Marykirk also.
    3 – The groundbreaking technology you should be looking for @john is the smart gearbox, possibly Strathclyde or Glasgow Unis were the developers, but last I heard after the HMG setback was the Japanese grasped how groundbreaking it was an bought it up.
    The approach of HMG reminds of the example of “Britishness” I never tire of recounting – the Chairman of BSA motorcycles on then B&W national TV pronouncing British Motorcyclists had no interest whatsoever in halogen headlights or indicators or electric start from Japanese competitors even if at a fraction of the price… Bust in a year..

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  5. Which is why I’m certain Scotland needs to step out from under Westminster, in order to reform our systems of government and justice. Which simply aren’t up to the task of supporting open democracy in Scotland.

    The semiotics of tacit knowledge sharing: a study from the perspective of symbolic interactionism

    “Intrinsically, the most important component of innovation is knowledge. To innovate means to renew the organization continuously, recreating it and its market, toward evolution.”


  6. New approach introduced to political coverage by Reporting Scotland this evening?

    From PMQs, Ian Blackford asks a question of the PM and the PM responds – apparently. But all the viewer gets is firstly a short clip of Mr Blackford on his feet in the Commons speaking – but muted by the BBC. This is followed by the PM on his feet in the Commons speaking – but also muted! A BBC staffer gives his own account of the exchange.

    If the exchange is newsworthy, I’d much rather hear what was said for myself and not have to rely on a BBC editorial interpretation!

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    1. stewartb: But why bother with time consuming reality and understanding when you can have the BBC Scotland version of events for only £26.50 a month.

      Mind and sing along to the OBON anthem on Friday, as BBC Scotland I am sure, will be covering the happy cheering Scottish crowds. The BBC video might be in black and white with lots of horses and top hats, but hey we are waving Union flags..

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