Cringe, cringe as Auld Enemy with 10 times the population scrapes a win

I’ve changed.

60 years ago, I watched Scotland: England games with my dad and with knotted bowels.

England then were all white, Anglo-Saxons with that sense of superiority over any colonials, even us. The TV commentators were pompous, racist, jingoistic, old white guys. Both fuelled my hatred and desire to see them hammered even if they had been playing a team of orcs from Mordor.

They’re not the same. More black than white, more victims of racism than perpetrators of it and, of course, often likable guys when interviewed. The commentators have improved too though they’re still prone to forgetting that its not all about England in this supposed UK.


Raheem Sterling-inspired Auld Enemy do what Scotland can’t in group-winning clash?

One nil, again after a nil all against a country with only one tenth of the population.

Sterling is great but you’re not inspired much if you scrape through like that despite the wealth of talent you have.

And doing what Scotland can’t? One nil? Get behind the lads? No?

I supported England against Croatia. They flaunt the chequered shield of the Ustase fascists who ran a death camp for Serbs including children in WW II. Worse than the orcs of Mordor.

Death camp sources:

9 thoughts on “Cringe, cringe as Auld Enemy with 10 times the population scrapes a win

    1. We know, it’s been the case for a long time, and especially since devolution, which the English government cannot abide and will do everything to ‘subsume’ Scotland into England, again. Scotland needs more people to wake the hell up, with 100% media anti independence, anti SNP and basically anti Scottish, it’s a mountain to climb to say the very least.


    1. They only found a spongebob Squarepants version, seemingly the Union Unit though it too eerily similar to St Boris dePfeffel…
      Sponges are queuing in line behind the Turdo awaiting his next initiative…
      Hours later and in the absence of a script from Nick Robinson or Andrew Bowie (Lord SmirkyInTheMaking) it seems no progress today.
      One can but hope for sponges of the world. Time to step up the the plate DRoss, time to… Oh bollox.
      Step UP to the plate Forres Gump not ON it…dear god…


    1. I find it ironic that it’s the Scottish team and supporters who are upholding the fine ‘English’ sentiment;
      “It’s not the winning, but the playing of the game”.


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