Scotland’s cities ARE falling behind but in a good way

As soon as I saw Prof Tomkin’s headline, I was reminded of something I wrote almost two years ago.

So, it’s not quite up-to-date but given the falling, or at worst, stabilising crime trend in Scotland, I feel sure it still stands.

Scotland’s university cities the safest in the UK by a very long way

From the Complete University Guide 2019, we can see that the overall fall in crime in Scotland in the last ten, or so, years is reflected in the relative safety of university campuses. Of particular interest is the level of crime (incidents per 1 000 residents) reported in Glasgow, lower than that in Edinburgh, less than half the level of England’s safest locations and less than a tenth of the least safe.

For Scotland’s 5 big university cities:

For Northern Ireland:

The 5 ‘safest’ English university cites:

The 5 least safe English university cities:

Pretty clear, I’d say. No need for a mayor to clean up Scottish cities?

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7 thoughts on “Scotland’s cities ARE falling behind but in a good way

    1. What we need is independence for Scotland, to avoid being ‘subsumed’ and renamed North Britain again. We do have community councils, anyone can apply to sit on those, it’s pays a wee bit too, but not sure how much or what sort of decision making it entails. You are absolutley correct that we do not need ‘city bosses’, the English really can’t stand Scotland refusing to function the same as them politically, nor doing things as undemocratically as they do can they.

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  1. Boris all too often cites his great success
    When he was in charge of London in reducing crime
    Yes he was but when you take a dig into the discover that he had the lowest success of all English authorities
    But the highest spend/capita in policing
    Rather akin to shouting from the bottom of a football league that indeed you were the champions
    But the reality being one of demotion to a lower league

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  2. So Tomkins is saying Scotland should put a big silver chain around a persons neck, usually male, and pay them a ton of dosh to lord over the cities? No thanks Scotland does not need nor want expensive though relatively powerful mascots.

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  3. Tomkins will continue to promote the English way of doing things, this is no different.
    Mayors such as Andy Burnham or Baronless forever in waiting Ruth Rape Clause are bystanders to his intellectual prowess.
    Most are saying Who are the assholes ?

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