11 thoughts on “Moronic Nationalism

  1. One Britain, One Nation?

    Very reminiscent of another equally blood and soil slogan of the 20th Century:

    “ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer”

    I suppose we should be thankful for small mercies they didn’t go full out for:

    One Britain, One Nation, One BoJo!

    How very QSTQ & Her Fascist Regime.

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    1. Sounds like one for Led by Donkeys

      2021: one Britain, One Nation
      1938: Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer

      Perhaps calling the union the Anschluss would be a little esoteric?

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  2. Given the rule of law doctrine requires the laws of man to remain coherent and compatible with the Natural law, I think this is the British state sending an unmistakably fascist message to the world. “We don’t care about international law and order”.

    You’re unlikely to be able to support social sustainability if you believe anti-foundational ideology compatible with democracy (see British nationalism and gender woo woo).

    The Role of Natural Law after
    World War II (Case of Nuremberg Trial)


  3. When they’re gathered round the cabinet table away from the limelight. . . . They are often heard to chant

    “One Britain, One Nation, One BoJo!”

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  4. Alex Clark posted this over on WGD, on topic and worth a squint.
    The Tories have completely gone off the rails promoting this nonsense, when even Manny English thinks is bunkum, which focus group’s findings drove this ? The Nigel Farage Appreciation Society, The IS (Ian pretend the hyphenated Duncan Smith) British totally Raj Fan Club?


  5. Heard a couple of instances today of BBC Radio 4 covering this One Britain One Nation initiative, including interviewing its founder.

    Is this individual and his constant references to ‘one nation’ – for what he promotes as a UK-wide initiative – simply naive, ‘genuinely’ ill-informed, or a disingenuous Westminster/Tory/Unionist patsy?

    During an interview by a BBC journalist this SHOULD have been an obvious line of questioning:
    “You make much of the phrase ‘one nation’ but even my employer, the BBC recognises that the UK has four nations. You appear to deny the existence of these four nations. Why? Is that not disrespectful ? And are you not actually failing to inform children about the nature of the UK?”

    But then it was BBC coverage. What was I saying about the disingenuous?

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    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t like the clapping for the NHS. I can see it working as a way of binding together all the different cultures in a multi-ethnic area like Bradford. So perhaps a good idea taken over?

      Maybe if the words were changed to “One England, great nation” it’d be (1) more accurate and (2) more obvious where this is going/could go.

      As it is, I think the English do need something to ‘get behind’. But this isn’t it…


      1. Wish there was an edit button!

        It’s the England bit that’d be accurate, not – on present showing – the “great nation”.

        Anyway, I’d question the need for any nation to be great. Prosperous, egalitarian, etc yes. Great? Not really. But I think the English (of which I used to be one! 🙂 ) are brought up to assume that you’ve got to win, you’ve got to lead, you’ve got to be a “world-beating” something-or-another. Which will all end in tears…

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