No matter what they do

Labour stuck in a rut, the Lib Dems flattering to deceive with another by-election protest vote, Johnson’s English Nationalist Party are unbeatable despite doing whatever they like to enrich themselves and their chums.

Welsh Labour get the message and will try to save themselves by going independent? Scottish Labour will be collectively sectioned as a danger to themselves and others? Monica Lennon joins the Scottish Socialists? Scottish Tories all die from a new wasting disease brought on by moral corruption?

Scotland’s over-65s still not sure about voting yes?

2024, independence for Scotland with 52% vote.

2030, England invades Northern France on behalf of Henry 9th to reclaim lands lost in the 15th Century. Rees-Mogg is killed at battle of Agincourt II.

Johnson applies for Russian citizenship.

Add the rest yourselves.

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