Danker doesn’t know his facts as only 6% are really worried about independence

In the Herald today from the often excellent Ian McConnell:

Most Scottish businesses “don’t want to have the conversation” about independence, the director-general of the Confederation of British Industry has said.Tony Danker, asked by The Herald in an interview about the renewed focus on the independence question north of the Border, said most Scottish businesses he spoke to were “not convinced of the notion this is the right time to be having this debate”.

Danker is clearly ill-informed and relying BBC-like on anecdotes but surely his staff spotted this research from October 2020, a proper survey of 102 ‘captains of industry’, by Ipsos MORI:


54% disagree and only 22% have any concerns.

Danker must have staff. It took me 10 seconds to find the above research. Does he only employ the privately educated children of business people who had to give up on university because you can’t just fill your essays with ‘my dad says..?’

Danker from 2010, in his previous job with Labour:

Tony Danker, the Ulster-born university friend of the Treasury chief secretary, Liam Byrne, provided the main input from the Treasury.


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8 thoughts on “Danker doesn’t know his facts as only 6% are really worried about independence

  1. I thought you had misspelled his name, (at first glance, that is) until I saw his history you quoted too.
    In same crude vein: collective noun for bankers :- Wunch

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  2. It is noteworthy that earlier this week the Deputy PM of the Irish Republic, Mr Leo Varadkar stated that for some people ‘it is never the right time to talk about Irish reunification’. For the Scottish media, Westminster, the Scottish opposition, “Now is NEVER the time”, to paraphrase Mrs Theresa May.

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  3. I see the forecast is that Scotland’s economy will have returned to pre-covid levels by the summer of 2022 (Fraser of Allender).

    This destroys the Gove/Tory/Labour/Dumb assertion we need to put “recovery” first, and wait till 2024 for indyref2 at the earliest.

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  4. We all know, in Scotland, what a “dank” day is.
    I see “Danker” means moist or soggy in German.

    Perhaps Mr Danker’s opinions are a wee bit soggy to match his name?

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  5. Ah, so Danker was a friend of Liam Byrne, the twat who left the letter saying there’s no money left when Labour “lost power” to the Tories in 2010.

    The very same Liam Byrne who very recently blogged support for Rishi Sunak’s intention to restore sustainable government finances – code for the government taxing more out of the economy than it spends, which is a recipe for economic disaster and austerity on stilts.

    To reduce the so-called debt, which he’s recommending, he wants the government to run annual surpluses instead of deficits. Totally bonkers, and guaranteed to starve the public sector of funds!

    Less well known, but perhaps of general interest (if not germane to the topic of this specific blog), here are a couple of extracts from his Wiki page –

    “Byrne had been a vocal campaigner for road safety; in 2005, he handed a petition in to Parliament demanding tougher punishments for dangerous drivers. He sat on the parliamentary committee that shaped the Road Safety Act 2006, which increased fixed penalty fines for driving while using a mobile. In November 2007, he was fined £100 and received three points on his driving licence for using his mobile phone while driving.”

    “He was Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions from January 2011 to October 2013. He was sacked after increasing criticism from Labour members and having “badly lost the confidence of the PLP”, particularly after allegedly describing the Conservative-led coalition’s benefits cap as “too soft, saying that “Ministers have bodged the rules so the cap won’t affect Britain’s 4,000 largest families and it does nothing to stop people living a life on welfare”.”

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