Covid deaths: Trump did better than Johnson!

From the BBC all day today:

More than half a million people have died from Coronavirus in Brazil. It is the second highest death toll in the World after the United States.

There are protestors in the streets unlike in the UK but then ‘we‘ have done so much better haven’t we, with the vaccine rollout?

Only if you don’t consider the death rate per 100 000, a better measure of performance, surely?

Many have died in Brazil and the people should be protesting against their psychopathic, stupid, leader but, per head of population, England has done worse than Trump’s USA! Surely the equally stupid Johnson and Hancock must go?

Also, being studiously ignored these days, ‘Infection levels in India lower than in UK!’ There’s a story.

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8 thoughts on “Covid deaths: Trump did better than Johnson!

      1. New variant – I know it was Boris who done it but we need to take stronger action. Scot gov has control over the level system. Staying on level 2 is not enough


    1. It is high in Scotland, but do you trust the stats in the rUK, I don’t. Edinburgh should go back into level three, I agree level 2 is now not working. I do wonder if the media so called are keeping quiet on this because it suits their agenda…go along with the EngGovs’ narrative of everything’s more or less hunky dory, when it’s clearly not.

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  1. If only Westminster didn’t consider itself superior to international law, and if only English Torydum wasn’t pathologically hostile towards the Precautionary Principle and the legal doctrine of proportionality.


  2. Let’s face it, was there any point during this pandemic when BBC’s output was actually trusted, and I don’t mean HMS Sarah Smith by that, but the entire organisation from a Scottish or even Northern England perspective ?

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  3. I am continually amazed at how seemingly intelligent people buy this cr#p. We have, and understood it would happen given the politics of all this, talking even to doctors who admitted, that double, triple, and more counting, even skewing all data, for the sake of creating fear. One has to ask, to what end did it matter to them to have everyone beleive in the propaganda.

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