Attack on ‘Sturgeon’ is ‘opportunistic political theatre’ once again

This is the publication of the report by the small group of MSPs, with a Unionist majority built-in, contradicting the legal verdict by James Hamilton, former director of public prosecutions for Ireland, which cleared the First Minister.

This partisan report was dead-in-the water long before its publication but the MSM have delighted in repeating the jaundiced words of those dread clowns, Murdo Fraser, Margaret Mitchell and Alex Cole-Hamilton.

The Scottish Tories’ motion of no confidence, based on leaks by the above three, in the First Minister, not ‘Sturgeon’, was defeated back in March when the Greens refused to back it. Their leader, Patrick Harvie, condemned it as ‘opportunistic political theatre.’

BBC Scotland and the Herald were all over this story yesterday, presenting it as new and definitive when it is old, stale and worthless.

20 thoughts on “Attack on ‘Sturgeon’ is ‘opportunistic political theatre’ once again

  1. I am getting frustrated at reading yet another article on the media attacking the SNP, Yes, independence, haggis, etc etc.

    I am not suggesting you are not doing a good job John, worthwhile highlighting lies and distortions but I want an independence campaign now. I want leadership from the party of independence to get independence not just words to get votes which is all we have had since 2014.

    I want our MPs to disrupt Westminster, I want all SNP members on the streets, I want Scotgov to shout the cause and become less polite to our opponents.

    I want indy stuff put into every house. I note that Business for Scotland are doing this now as two SNP promises to do this in the past have come to nothing.

    I am frustrated and scunnered at inaction. Stuff the pandemic, get on with it Nicola.

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  2. John, fair play to you for defending Wee Nippy. But, I am sure, in the fullness of time, it will be demonstrated beyond doubt that the minority report, rather than the Hamilton one, got it right. Wee Nippy is up to her oxters in the plot to smear Alex Salmond and kill-off his political career.

    She’s as guilty as sin, adn, in time, this will be proved. Wee Nippy is no friend of Independence. She pays lip service to it, but, since becoming FM, she has not moved Independence one inch closer than it was in September, 2014.

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    1. While appreciating your point, name calling is just as bad as the MSM’s constant usage of Sturgeon rather than FM or SNP leader.

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      1. John,I am with you on this I was always brought up to show a bit of respect and for someone like the above using language like he has regarding the FM tells me he respects nothing,maybe he should have Brit in front of his name.


    2. A. ‘Wee Nippy’ – You’re clearly a Unionist (or at least that is how your diatribe comes across). That kind of disrespect is used by Unionists to denigrate, diminish and belittle Scotland’s Parliament, Ministers and Institutions. It is also extremely misogynistic.
      B. ‘Wee Nippy is up to her oxters in the plot to smear Alex Salmond and kill-off his political career’ – To what advantage? It was his actions that landed him in court. It then became a ‘ Catch 22’ for the FM and the SNP. If she stopped Salmon being tried how would that have played out in the media? She did not stop it and look how it played out. To who’s advantage has all this been? Certainly not the FM, the SNP or the Independence movement? (think about it)
      C. ‘She’s as guilty as sin, adn, in time, this will be proved’ – You are clearly on the inside, so lets have the evidence now otherwise its just so much, damaging to the Independence cause, innuendo. (See ‘A’).
      D. – ‘she has not moved Independence one inch closer than it was in September, 2014.’ As far as the polls are concerned it looked like a 13% move closer until the FM/SNP started having Independence supporters throwing stones at her.
      E. If you are a genuine Independence supporter (See’A’) do you not realise vilifying the FM is not helping move it forward at all? All this ‘heat’ with no ‘light’ is putting ‘soft’ yes voters off the whole idea and it is these voters who will make the difference.
      F. What have you done today to ensure when the next independence referendum happens ‘Yes’ will win (See’ A’)?

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    3. The title was “Attack on ‘Sturgeon’ is ‘opportunistic political theatre’ once again”.
      It was John’s observation, not an invitation, but your Bilge and Swoon excerpt like all good conspiracy theories has that lingering air of Eau de Latrine, made in London, England since 1600.

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    4. Try calling the First Minister of Scotland by her name! No matter your own opinions, views and judgements, why use the sort of language I see on British Nationalist twitter all the time! Bloody hell.
      Scotland really would be basket case if it wasn’t for Nicola Sturgeon steering the ship right now, and it’s a known fact that people favour peaceful negotiation and steadying the ship as a means with which to reach your goal. Soon as the public see conflict among people who are working on reaching a desired goal such as independence, they lose interest and stop supporting it. The media have done their damndest to fabricate division, and will continue to do so. With Mike Russell at the helm for the independence movement, things should move forward apace, and btw the support for independence is larger now than it was in 2014.

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