Herald confirms its move to the right with Neil Oliver interview

So, to add to the delights of Tom Gordon, the Herald has topped up its columnists with Baron Dunlop, architect of the poll tax and Adam Tomkins former republican leftie, now Tory.

Not satisfied, they interview the dread Neil Oliver. I know they need the readers but that headline is trashy tabloid at best. Not his first of course:

Oliver, who once described the possibility of another referendum as a ‘cancerous presence‘ is such an obvious propagandist for the right, no self-respecting newspaper should be interviewing him.

His track record is foul.

In February:

“They left their windswept crofts behind looking for adventure and the promised land”

He said that about the folk burned and driven off their land in the Highland Clearances.

In September 2020

Readers will remember Oliver’s suggestion that a second independence referendum was a cancerous presence, that FM Alex Salmond was ‘round‘ and that Professor Tom Devine looked like an old man in the Muppets.

It’s ironic that Oliver bemoans comments on his appearance when unable to come back at academic criticism he, himself, quickly falls back on personal abuse.

Most entertaining, however, in the light of his choice of ‘cancerous‘ to describe the democratic wishes of millions, and his defence of the racist TV historian David Starkey, is his assertion that he has held “very middle of the road” views all his life.

No more, something is rising in my throat.

18 thoughts on “Herald confirms its move to the right with Neil Oliver interview

  1. Andrew Neil Oliver.
    All we need to know about this gammonista broadcaster, and their supporters in the Torygraf, Mail and now the Herold (can the Hootsmon be far behind?).

    It’s the “patriotic way”.
    In the good ol’ UK,
    For the Scots to get no say,
    no power, no sway.
    As they INSIST that we stay!

    The Blackshirts, 2021.

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  2. If it wasn’t for the threat that Scottish independence represents to the British state,people like Oliver wouldn’t see the light of day.
    Another useful fool for the London establishment.

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  3. O T
    Shareen Nanjiani’s prog. Just criticised our national team for not taking the Knee. . . . . SN tells her “chaps” . . . “Thats enough football for now. . . . We’ll return to it after 11 when we’ll discuss the F A N Z O N E.

    Last night Richard Gordon chaired a so called Footy Prog. On Radio Scotland. . . . . He kept the talk focused souly on Taking the Knee . . . . painfull listening . . . . Got to the point when very reasonably Julie Fleeting argued it was time to talk about the football . . . Followed by Stuart McAll calling for a move onto football. . . . .

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  4. Time for a Fundraiser to help poor Neil Oliver , with two main objectives :

    a) Surgically remove the scarf-like growth which has permanently attacked itself like a succabus to Oliver’s neck .

    b) Hire a hairdresser to give the lad a much needed haircut .
    It is clearly causing him distress as he is constantly attempting to flick it off his face a la Rita Hayworth !


  5. The Herald did it purely for clickbait. Their online edition has 2 or 3 stories relating to Neil Oliver starting yesterday and continuing into today. They have racked up an impressive number of hits and that is all the paper is interested in.

    I wonder if the advertisers on these clickbait stories do not do their products much good.

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    1. Sounds like they are hoping to get pro independence punters to vent their spleen against Oliver and the like getting plenty of clicks …. as you say clickable. The best answer is to ignore them and cut their finance.

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  6. ‘Shambles’. Looks like a classic case of projection by this British nationalist.
    Take a look in the mirror Neil pet, and make sure you never use the SNHS, never cross the new Firth of Forth bridge, and make sure your kids pay full tuition fees because ‘shambles’ Scotland wouldn’t want you to take advantage of the tuition free university study, oh and always make a huge donation to the Scottish NHS if you need a prescription, wouldn’t want to take anything and not pay at the point of need, this is after all a country in ‘shambles’.

    It sounds like N.O. really hates his own country, might that be called the cringe on stilts.

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  7. Not very PC but every time I see that picture of Oliver squatting at the edge of a cliff, I just wish I had been there and could have kicked him over the edge.
    If I had been, it would have been hard to resist!


  8. BBC keeps away from sectarianism as their support for a certain team would tarnish their impartiality. Actually, they don’t care.


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