Hell mend them?


John Nicolson, SNP MP and former BBC Scotland staffer has tweeted that BBC Scotland staff have contacted him about ‘worrying sounding proposals for Pacific Quay‘. He has written the above to the head of BBC Scotland.

Perhaps he remembers ‘good people‘ there and doubts that there is systemic anti-independence bias operating.

My view is different, based on the evidence.

Replacing the existing propagandists and the thoroughly conditioned loyal youngsters with unaligned professionals from England can only be an improvement.

Any campaign to protect Scottish jobs would be the kind of irrational, narrow nationalism we must not encourage. Let those surplus to requirements apply for jobs elsewhere in Scotland’s media where a private education and/or connections to Scottish Labour are no advantage.

12 thoughts on “Hell mend them?

  1. The BBC and Scotland.
    Scotland is underfunded– as it always has been.
    Scotland is understaffed– as it always has been.
    Scotland is under political oversight from London.
    Scotland also has “commissars” placed among its staff to ensure no deviation from the “official” line.
    The BBC in Scotland is hugely biased against independence and the political parties campaigning for independence.
    No one doubts this.

    The last OFCOM report show Scots giving the BBC a positive rating…for its range of content representing (41%) and portraying (28%) Scotland is well below the UK average.

    This should be meat and drink for the SNP government.
    Yet the silence is deafening.

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    1. gavinochiltree: However the SNP would be accused of interfering in matters that are beyond its devolved competence.

      Whereas the BBC management are destroying what remains of the reputation of BBC Scotland so much more effectively.

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      1. “the SNP would be accused of interfering in matters that are beyond its devolved competence.”

        Let the accusers accuse. . . . . What matters these days is that the SNP make their arguments exposing the bias. . . . . . Every single action of the SNP gets criticised and ridiculed by the usual suspects


  2. IMHO, one of the principle causes for the poor democratic performance of the BBC, is they are licensed to support the cohesion of Britain, not democracy. I’ll not speculate as to what causes the poor performance of John Nicolson.

    The Antithesis of Entropy: Biosemiotic Communication from Genetics to Human Language with Special Emphasis on the Immune Systems


  3. BBC Scotland, controlled and managed from London or Glasgow – the output will be the same, we won’t notice any difference


  4. As I understand the kelvin hall studio is owned by GCC . . . . . . Giving its use over to the bbc is giving it over to Unionist’s it’s like the Glasgow Shipyards controlled by Westminster. . . . .
    BBC management would have been rubbing their hands at the prospect of stiffling the prospects offered by this studio.


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