Poll suggests Scotland’s biggest teacher union climbing out of Labour’s pocket?

At the EIS AGM last week, the motion on ‘the right of Scotland to determine the form of government that best suit its needs‘ was carried by a whopping 141 to 41 with 16 abstentions.

So around 75% of EIS reps, by implication agree that a second independence referendum should be held.

This a big slap for Labour’s Anas Sarwar with his opposition to self-determination for Scots and further evidence that the EIS leadership, tied by loyalty to Labour, needs to go.

Readers may remember that in November 2020, I wrote of:

teachers being led sheepishly into confrontations with an SNP Government, on behalf of the leadership’s old pals in Scottish Labour based on embarrassingly feckless opinion gathering, to support campaigns foisted on a membership which will then reject them in a proper vote.

The current leader, Larry Flanagan was at Stirling University with Richard Leonard, on the ‘hard left’, and is behind a trail of attacks on the Scottish Government, using scare stories, unsupported by science, to close schools, test teachers with useless tests and vaccinate teachers before old folk, as part of Scottish Labour’s most recent failed election campaign.

I know from my time in education that no one who really enjoys teaching wants to be a union rep but members need to get them telt that they need another motion to get the Labour cabal out.

6 thoughts on “Poll suggests Scotland’s biggest teacher union climbing out of Labour’s pocket?

  1. In fairness to Larry Flannagan – and I know very well there is considerable evidence for what you say, John – if you can, have a look at an interview he did with Martin Guisler on “The Nine”. Guisler’s thesis was that the SG should be putting up buckets of cash to provide additional teaching for the kids whose education has been so disrupted in the last couple of academic years. Of course – pure chance – this is what England are doing.
    Flannagan’s response was that there had been consultation with the SG to work to get the kids into a better place in terms of their mental health, so that next year they will be on the right foot to – hopefully, virus permitting – be on the front foot to start learning in August. He accepted that there might be pupils with remedial needs or help to catch up, but said money was available for this – but that the priority was the mental health of the pupils.
    Guisler was predicating questions with things like “Would I be wrong in thinking that ….” and being told by Flannagan, “Yes Martin, you are wrong”.
    The whole thing was an utter embarrassment to Guisler who needless to say lacked the smarts to realise this.
    Generally speaking I know what you mean and would adopt your view, but in that interview, fair play to Flannagan

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    1. The Scottish government are investing a further £20million via a grant to councils in Scotland, to ‘support children and young peoples’ wellbeing’ in the next few months, for obvious reasons.

      It’s discussed here at Scotland at 7, starts about 54 mins in…


  2. School counsellors are being introduced into secondary schools. Then primary? To help pupils in need.

    The ConDems cut Education £6Billion a year, from 2015 to 2020. The Scottish Gov had to mitigate the cuts.


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