Brown’s sleight of hand on poll results revealing strong support for independence

Prince William and Kate meet Gordon Brown for talks on final day of  Scottish tour - Daily Record


From SNP Media:

A poll commissioned by Gordon Brown in the two days after the Scottish Parliament elections buried information showing that 55% of Scots verged to favouring independence on a scale of 0 to 10. 
The poll – conducted by James Kanagasooriam’s Stack Data, a trading brand of Hanbury Strategy which has conducted unpublished polling for the UK government and who regularly meet with Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove – showed that the accumulated percentage for those verging favourable to independence – 6 to 10 – was 55% in total whilst those verging against – 0 to 4 – was only 38%. Those opting for the middle option of 5 were 8%.
However, this information was only available on page 91 of the polling information, was not published when Gordon Brown commented on his poll and was presented in an accumulated form which put those 2 to 8 (40%) as the middle option.
Whilst the poll did have a standard “Should Scotland be an independent country?” question which came out at 50%, on a binary presentation it only included 714 responses – leaving a large 28% as ‘Don’t Know’ or ‘Unlikely to Vote’ – which was then weighted down to a sample of 596 – a notional 40% as ‘Don’t Know / Unlikely to Vote’. In contrast, the 0-10 scale question had 872 respondents and was weighted to 990 (88% and 100% respectively of the poll). 
Commenting, SNP Depute Leader at Westminster Kirsten Oswald MP said:
“These results are heartening and show the strength of potential support independence has gathered over the past few years. Brexit and a Boris Johnson government have obviously undermined the key promises of the ‘No’ campaign in 2014 – that of Scotland being an equal partner in a UK that was in the EU – and shown them to be empty and undeliverable. 
“This is also classic sleight of hand from Gordon Brown. Selectively putting his name to the parts he wants to but disappearing when the full details are revealed. It’s also interesting that Mr Brown appears to be employing the same pollsters as Boris Johnson’s government.
“It’s clear that independence is the only way to keep Scotland safe from repeated and unwanted Tory governments and the long-term damage of austerity cuts, Brexit and power grabs.
“With Boris Johnson preparing a return to austerity, with devastating cuts to Universal Credit and a public sector pay freeze, there isn’t a chance of a fair recovery under the broken Westminster system. Tory cuts imposed by a Westminster government will entrench poverty and inequality, hinder economic growth, and slash household incomes – damaging Scotland’s interests and leaving millions of families worse off.
“Gordon Brown is now campaigning to allow that situation to continue. The only way to keep Scotland safe is to become an independent country with the full powers needed to build a strong, fair and equal recovery.”
Notes to Editors:
1. Details on the 0 to 10 scale question can be found on page 91 here. Accumulated percentages across a range of formulations showed the following:
Stack Data for ‘Our Scottish Future’; 990 Scots were polled between the 7th and 8th of May 2021.
On a scale of 0-10, where 0 is “strongly against”, and 10 is “strongly in favour” what is your view on whether Scotland should be an independent country?

Data Stack Presentation: 2-7-230%40%31%
Binary Results           
Data Stack Presentation: Excluding 2-849.2% 50.8%
Excluding 3-745.2% 54.8%
Excluding 4-643.4% 56.6%
Excluding 540.9% 59.1%

2. Stack Data are run by James Kanagasooriam and is a part of Hanbury Strategy. Kanagasooriam had been given a £1m contract by Downing St. to poll on Scottish independence.

13 thoughts on “Brown’s sleight of hand on poll results revealing strong support for independence

  1. Gordo the Broon is promoted right across the spectrum of our colonial media.

    Needless to say, no questions are asked of the “Great Man”.
    It was ever so on the BEEB, but now even England’s right-wing neo con gammonista mejah are onside with Oor Gordo!

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  2. When did honourable adult maturity disappear from Scottish political discussion and/or debate? ~ I’m witnessing what’s too pathetic to be expressed or described in words?! Please remember Saor(aibh) Alba! =
    Free Scotland! 💓 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


  3. I see the SCOTTISH government have announced a £3 million research fund, ‘strengthening links with Europe’. Stick in your craw Mr. brown, nasty BritNat rogue.


    1. Artynetty
      Re.research on the EU but completely unrelated
      From EU news they estimate that 150000 to 180000 ex pats are residing in the EU without having a residency permit
      Spain and France now really turning the screw( probably in retaliation for UK treatment of EU nationals being held upon arrival to UK despite having written prove of job interviews etc. )
      Spain has now informed all expat residents that have failed to apply for residency now confront
      1.Tax increase from 19 to 24 %
      2.No health care under any condition
      3.No covid vaccination
      4.Now considered as tourists and if they
      Overstay 90 days they will be forcibly
      Detained and deported
      The EU estimate that the vast majority of
      Ex pats not having residency are the older generation and the most of them for health reasons will have to return for ever to the UK
      So much for the Home Office propaganda regards immigration control to stop health and benefit inmigration
      Because in the next year they will have to cater for thousands of expats with ill and long term health problems
      All adding to the considerable woes EHNS having to cope with
      Another fine example of mis governance
      By Westminster who prior EU withdrawal agreement signing were offered reciprocal health and benefits by most EU countries

      But foolishly UK declined and now face a huge wave off seriously unhealthy ex pats

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  4. Broon is a throwback from the days when parties “thought” and “considered” the electorate and they reciprocated by electing them.
    The Gordisaur inherited the attitudes of Blair, getting into power mattered more than a policy to which the public could subscribe, only to be promptly ignored until the next election.
    For all Pa Broon’s protestations over the small print in The Vow, the entire London establishment including he, Labour and the Tories blew the chances of compromise by believing they held ultimate power.
    They don’t.
    According to Poots in NI the Gordisaur can’t possibly exist, perhaps Poots isn’t so daft after all..


  5. I’ve already apologised on Wings, for simply dumping high-end social theory on folks who don’t have an interdisciplinary training in social science and law. Mine appears to be kicking into gear btw. 🙂 Anyway, I do appreciate it is unacceptably exclusionary, in normal circumstances. I just think we lack the time to take a more inclusive and relational approach to learning how to defend our legal identities and constitutional rights.

    I’m confident this stuff is good medicine though, and will help strengthen the constitutional health of folks, even if you can only dip your toes a little. Even if just to check out where the knowledge comes from and what it’s all about, as this will get you thinking about things you may not have already considered.

    Human Dignity Violated


  6. More fiddling the figures. Brown at it again. Illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud. The unionist sycophants causing death and poverty.


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