NHS Scotland Accident and Emergency departments even faster than NHS England

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Health Secretary Humza Yousef

In February 2021, NHS Scotland’s A&E departments saw and treated 86.2% within 4 hours while NHS England could only manage 77.4%, an 8.8% gap, and even then they were cheating, see below.

By April 2021, NHS England could still only manage 77.1%.


In April 2021, in Scotland, 87.4% were seen and treated within 4 hours, a 10.3% gap.


The gap is probably even greater because.

  1. BBC Scotland has accused NHS England of fiddling the figures by selection which departments are included: https://fullfact.org/health/fiddled-accident-emergency-statistics/
  2. NHS England starts the clock again after patients are admitted while NHS Scotland counts from arrival in A&E: https://inews.co.uk/news/health/nhs-england-covering-up-true-scale-of-12-hour-hospital-waits-1335856

4 thoughts on “NHS Scotland Accident and Emergency departments even faster than NHS England

  1. Hi John I followed up the link to the fullfact.org story they have a link to the BBC site reporting the story about massaging of figures but the BBC page doesn’t seem to be BBC Scotland. Would have loved it to be reported by BBC Scotland but given their performance on such things would have been surprised if they put Scotland or the Scottish Govt in a good light.

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    1. There is heehaw positive about A&E on the BBC Scotland website. It focuses on the increasing numbers now attending, then it reports the percentage discharged within four hours, pointing out that the target is 95%, and then it quotes the numbers waiting up to 8 hours and also those waiting up to 12 hours. Of course, no context is given, nor is there any comparison with figures for England.


  2. Your 1/2 assertion is flawed with reference to HMS Sarah Smith challenge, the only one I recall being logic.
    Otherwise the “stop the clock” scenario is perfectly accurate even I can’t recall the “technical justification” for it, but clearly politically motivated to obscure obvious failings with NHSE due in turn to political interference.


  3. Wee Wullie Rennie will be busy calculating ( with Jackie Baillie’s calculator ) how many extra hours were waited by the 9% who missed their target time , multiplied by the number of hospitals in Scotland , times the number of weeks in a year and calculated over the number of years that thatessennpee has been in charge , and the answer is – A LOT !
    This is of course adding to the mental health pressure that Wee Wullie inevitably will be suffering . But he NEVER mentions this and suffers in silence !

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