Scotland’s media ignore Greens surpassing Lib Dems to maintain employment powers story

Excited at the prospect of taking Shona Robison’s scalp a second time, our MSM and their feeders have conveniently forgotten the fourth party, the Greens, and restored the titchy Lib Dems to importance in the campaign.

From the Herald:

Social Justice Secretary Shona Robison has called for Holyrood’s opposition parties to back full devolution of powers over employment policies to Scotland. But the bid to secure more powers to the Scottish Parliament has been branded a “predictable political fight” and the minister has been urged to focus on using the powers Scotland has already.

Douglas Ross gets the chance to try patronising, Labour, waiting to hear from Keir, try to avoid saying anything and Wee Willie Rennie does his usual faux indignation. I won’t be repeating their mince here.

None of the media mention the Greens, twice the size of the Lib Dems, giving the Scottish Government an overall majority and making Robison’s letter just politeness.

One thought on “Scotland’s media ignore Greens surpassing Lib Dems to maintain employment powers story

  1. Wullie Rennie–2013 speech.

    “Home Rule…as the means to an end, to give every child the best chance in life to break the intergeneration cycle of poverty”.

    Who could disagree with that?
    Wee Wullie Rennie–2021 version.

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