Most of World lagging behind Scotland with more vaccinations than people

Only Wales, Israel, UAE, Mongolia and Scotland have now administered more than 100 vaccines for every 100 people.

That’s not what the public want to know says Puttick of the Times:

No, indeed, says Holt of BBC Scotland speaking from back in February:

And, Scotland NOT lagging behind other UK nations! What? Surely not. Don’t tell ‘them’ they might vote SNP:

Douglas Ross: ‘It’s a tiny increase by Scotland made to look better by a decline in the figures for England. Who is in charge there? Remind me.


3 thoughts on “Most of World lagging behind Scotland with more vaccinations than people

  1. If ever a puss would benefit from a slap to stop hysterical mouthings it would be Ross.
    I have to wonder how this chap sleeps at night given his estrangement from reality, truth and any semblance of straight thinking. Does he perhaps hang bat-like from a beam causing a constant rush of blood to the head?
    There being no brain to nourish or flush through it simply coagulates in his cranium so that day by day he becomes more and more dense.
    The good news is, this is the best the Tories have to put up front.
    Shit for brains.

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