Will India put UK on Amber List?

As the infection rates of the UK and India converge, after India failed to match the UK peak by some way, will the authorities in India soon be requiring Brits to quarantine on arrival?

If the current trends continue, will India put the UK on their Red List?

Remembering when the film Slumdog Millionaire was labelled ‘poverty porn’ will BBC coverage of the pandemic in India come to be known as ‘pandemic porn?’

Sources: https://ig.ft.com/coronavirus-chart/?areas=ind&areas=gbr&areasRegional=usny&areasRegional=usnj&areasRegional=usia&areasRegional=usca&areasRegional=usnd&areasRegional=ussd&cumulative=0&logScale=0&per100K=1&startDate=2020-09-01&values=cases

8 thoughts on “Will India put UK on Amber List?

  1. Ah, but ….. the British nationalist media will say, India does not keep proper data, they do not know how many people are infected, and, the figures they have published are ‘the tip of an iceberg’, says a virologist, trained by the hospitality industry, who has just tweeted, but does not want to be named.

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  2. I just heard some talking head on Sky news (I know), going full-Tonto about the success of the vaccine program, and the urgent need to open society back up to reclaim our freedoms guaranteed under British democracy. It this type of ignorant and myopic self-entitlement, a.k.a. English Torydum, that will prolong how long the virus threatens global public health.

    COVID-19 and the cost of vaccine nationalism

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  3. India has been a godsend for the UK gov.
    Aided by msm with its on-loop footage of funeral pyres the British public has been persuaded that ‘there but for the grace of god’ and Matt Hancock we would go.
    Show them a graph and understanding fails.
    That is probably the reason for Whitty and Vallance relying on their graphs during the TV updates no doubt with full encouragement of the Downing Street machine.
    Will Marr expose this? It might snow tomorrow.

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  4. India is a hugely poor country, and hugely unequal. It was brutally colonised, no mercy was shown, and it was overun by the British (English) who stole £trillions from the people of India. The British (English) have a lot to answer for, but they never will.


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