Herald joins campaign to reduce vaccine uptake

The Herald

The Herald opens with:

MINISTERS have provoked anger for telling teachers to watch out for critics of Covid-19 public health messaging in a bid to prevent radicalisation of children. The Education Scotland ‘prevent extremism’ advice says that official “reporting procedures” should be implemented to curb children’s access to fake news and combat “extremists’ disinformation” over Covid-19 – indicating effectively that the parents could end up carrying the can.

Melodramatc, paranoid, nonsense in a desperate attempt to construct another ‘crisis’ in schools.

There is a huge amount of fake news, misinformation and downright quackery right across social media and, at times, in the tabloids urging people not to be vaccinated. Millions, mostly among the young of school-age and members of faith or ethnic minority communities are being misled.

This is a threat to all of us. There is strong consensus on the need to fight it. Our MSM has often been the most excited about that threat when it concerns racism, anti-semitism or electoral interference by Russia and uses these phenomena as ‘evidence’ to attack their economic rivals in social media.

Schools already have policies to counter such threats and children making racist, anti-semitic, homophobic, misogynist and other unacceptable statements will be subject to those same ‘official reporting procedures’ and parents will be asked to help.

If I still had a wean in S4 and they were spreading this slurry, I’d be happy to get a call from the school. If they were spreading leftist economic theory, on the other hand, I’d increase their pocket money and tell the school how proud I am.

12 thoughts on “Herald joins campaign to reduce vaccine uptake

  1. So the Herald, a right wing rag very often misleading people, is complaining about the Scottish government’s attempts to keep kids safe, and properly informed.
    To use the word ‘radicalised’ in this context is utterly disgraceful.
    Would need more detail on what Education Scotland (?) means by extremism, and what their ‘reporting procedures’ involved, and what actions might be taken etc. The way it’s worded in the Herod it sounds more like a witch hunt, and that’s what they hope to portray. A few well thought out classes in how to spot propaganda in the media, and fake posts and articles via social media would be a good use of school time it seems, especially right now.

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  2. Glasgow Herold, once a newspaper of the first order—now home of scare stories, fabrications and Britnat agitprop, of the third ordure.

    Critics of Covid-19 health messaging? Look no further than Scotland colonial media, from north and south of the border.

    Impressionable children should NOT be exposed to their crapperoony.

    Even adults of a nervous disposition should steer clear.

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  3. There are many top scientists who advise against taking any new vaccine for the epidemic at this point in time and they have extensive arguments detailing their logic.


    1. ‘There are many top scientists who advise against ..’ My first inclination was to ignore and pass by this evidence-free btl contribution.

      But on reflection it is more respectful and potentially more useful – to me and possibly others – to ask that your assertion, David R is backed up by supporting EVIDENCE. Please justify your claim e.g. by providing references to ‘many’ authors of peer reviewed research papers.

      Come on, David R – if we are ill-formed and at risk – help us out!

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  4. It’s a sad day when your ideological position undermines public health, as that is strongly indicative that you’re a bit of a Tory. From which there is little hope of recovery. So it’s deeply disappointing that despite striking an independent pose, the SNP still appear determined to force Scots law to reject the biological foundations of human cognition and human rights. Which is a position best left to the Tories, IMHO.

    Cultural Cognition and Ideological Framing Influence Communication About Zoonotic Disease in the Era of COVID-19


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