Susan Dalgety means we don’t need new hypocrites

When I see Susan Dalgety, former First Minister, Dame Jack MacConnell’s PA, I smell bile and hypocrisy, that popular New Labour aftershave favoured by the likes of Brian Bad Vibrations Wilson, even at the bottom of the Scotsman’s front page, I read no further, for my own health:


The headline’s enough. ‘We’ need new suffragettes? Aye, right! Dalgety is the right-of-centre, establishment type that would have been sticking hoses down suffragette throats in some prison cell.

Here she is her natural home, Johnson’s old Scottophobic rag, the Spectator, attacking her ‘own’ if it were possible for sociopathic Blairites to ever have a community beyond their self-interests.

Here she is casting doubt on the First Minister’s progressiveness and at the same time looks down her nose at a council house / comprehensive school background in North Ayrshire. There was a time when coming from a ‘modest background’ and getting on was perceived as something to be proud of in the Labour Party. I claim a modest background:


Here she is again dissecting the body of cancer victim, Tracey Emin, to help the reader feel the full horror of the most extreme case before applying that image, heartlessly, to all other cancer cases, then shockingly, blame the First Minister for the deaths of thousands still to come because of the treatment delays due to her Covid strategy. There are of course no statistics supporting that bloody accusation.

Then, perhaps revealing the ability to compartmentalise of the sociopathic mind, Dalgety writes:

My daughter-in-law, a mobile hairdresser, has just been told by the First Minister to stop working, with no apparent safety net to compensate for her loss of income. Her experience is replicated across the hospitality sector with people and businesses thrown on the scrapheap without, it seems, a scintilla of sympathy. 

Does the mobile hairdresser have receipts and a tax return? If so, I feel sure compensation is available. Did she pay any tax?

And, sympathy? Has Dalgety seen none of the briefings?

Dalgety goes too far. Is there no editor at the once great Scotsman, one of the few UK newspapers to speak against British Imperialist aggression in the 1956 Suez Campaign?

This research paper might explain the source of Dalgety’s bile:

Association for Psychological Science (2011, March 5). Mean girls and queen bees: Females threatened by social exclusion will reject others first. ScienceDaily. Retrieved September 17, 2013

2 thoughts on “Susan Dalgety means we don’t need new hypocrites

  1. Dalgety, Wilson, McLennan among others of that poison pen ilk.

    The “once great Scotsman”, indeed—trawling the sewers for fishy tales of one-sided, context-free woe.

    Their decades of bile, cant, and lies have lost them readers, trust and the future.

    Whatever subventions they get from “Farmer” Jack, and phone calls from Boris; they wont last forever, and normal commercial operations will need a paying audience.

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  2. Yep, Dalgety would certainly not be on the front line on anywhere near it, re her ‘new suffragettes’ call! What utter tosh anyway, how do these people go from a PA job to a former Labour FM total shafter of Scotland, to writing pap in a lowlife rag. Sheesh!

    Dalgety couldn’t tie the shoelaces of Nicola Sturgeon, the FM has more intelligence, compassion and integrity in one hair on her head, than Dalgety could ever wish to have in her whole bile filled being.

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