66 days with zero deaths: How Scotland DID diverge and often

Wednesday's Express

Even yesterday, Tories and allied media were still talking of Scotland’s ‘no better’ performance in pandemic control.

What could more clearly highlight the differences as the Express trumpets the UK’s first day without a Covid death.

I was surprised. Not even in the summer of 2020? Not before now, in May?

In Scotland, between June 30th and September 17th, there were 42 days with zero deaths and between May 1st and yesterday, there have been 24 such blessed days.

Might the Scottish Government have done better than the UK Government?

Wednesday's Express

6 thoughts on “66 days with zero deaths: How Scotland DID diverge and often

  1. What are they crowing about?
    Deaths rise follows cases rise by at least 2 weeks. Cases currently about 3000 after a dip 2 weeks ago to around 2000. Last time cases at ~ 3000 deaths 2 weeks later were ~ 10.

    We should not be complacent

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  2. Good news that nobody died yesterday. Although isn’t there a delay sometimes because the registry office is closed at weekend? Monday was a bank holiday. Let’s hope it’s not just a question of when the deaths were recorded.

    Has England ever had a day when there were no deaths at all? I notice that there have been days when only England registered any deaths before (even if in single figures).

    Am I being very cynical to wonder if the bank holiday reporting could be used to give a sense of optimism pre-21/6?

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  3. And, of course, Good Morning Scotland gave this story big licks, this morning, 2, June – the first time in over a year no deaths have been recorded! Aren’t Bozza and Matt pure brilliant?

    Scotland had more days in May with no deaths than days on which one or more persons died.

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