Survey of pub-owners finds NONE gave up career as epidemiologists

The Scotsman

In my moderate drinking days, I remember bar staff were often students. One or two were in medicine but I don’t remember any who talked of epidemiology or infection control.

The owners never talked of their own academic achievements and sometimes teased me about wasting my life reading stuff.

Yet, most days, our media can find one who knows more about epidemiology, pandemic control, than those with qualifications or experience in the field.

Often condemned by those beacons of the intellect in the opposition parties and the media as just ‘Nicola’s new pal’, Professsor Devi Sridhar has a ‘not bad eh:’ CV:

Sridhar has written two books, The Battle Against Hunger: Choice, Circumstance and the World Bank and Governing Global Health: Who Runs the World and Why? Following the West African Ebola virus epidemic, she worked with the Harvard Global Health Institute and London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine assess international responses to the outbreak and use it to better inform preparations with future pandemics. In 2020, Sridhar was part of the Royal Society‘s Data Evaluation and Learning for Viral Epidemics (DELVE) group which influences the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) committee of the government of the United Kingdom.[10] She also serves as a member of the Scottish Government‘s COVID-19 advisory group set up to provide advice on how to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland.

Never mind that, the Scotsman’s Conor Matchless has ‘key business groups’ and Douglas Ross, HNC in Coos to cast doubt on the policies informed by Sridhar and other experts.

In April, BBC Scotland had their own epidemiologist in a bar:

In the wake of the Herald headlining their campaign for ‘Eating out, dying out’, BBC Scotland have headlined the need for Scotland to copy England’s approach to pandemic control by opening pubs earlier.

Here he is in few of his media appearances:

Stephen Montgomery, who owns the Townhead Hotel in Lockerbie and is a spokesman for the Scottish Hospitality Group, said he would “love to be opening up at the same time as our colleagues down south”. “We’re going to be seeing people jump the border… for that long awaited pint of cold beer while we still remain closed,” he told BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland. “Scotland’s always been behind in the way we’ve been operating for the last year. So it’s going to be no different this time. “We are at a disadvantage.”

Four in a bed? I don’t want to know.

He seems to know what he’s talking about. Is there any reason why we shouldn’t just follow England?





Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme drove new COVID-19 infections up by between 8 and 17%, new research finds.

The Scotsman

9 thoughts on “Survey of pub-owners finds NONE gave up career as epidemiologists

  1. Brexit supporting Weatherspoon pub owner calls for more migration because of lack of staff.

    All restaurants are booked up for months. There are no tables available for weeks, especially at week ends. Same hotels and self catering. High prices.

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  2. @john you missed the opportunity to deploy “An Udder expert” instead of HNC in Coos… 🤣

    OT – Nice to see Newsnet join in the debunk over Scottish Care-Home deaths, I wonder if Kilgour or Shuggy Pennington subscribe

    I recall at some stage seeing a media photo of Montgomery pose outside his pub with a couple of mates, Fluffy and mini-Fluffy, yet it was always his industry representation which was highlighted in the media as if he had no political agenda whatsoever.

    That schtick continues to this day, the Scotsman piece merely reinforces the bizarre notion business is not listened to by SG, every one turns out to be a Tory…

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      1. Just a general comment John to say I don’t know how you do it, day after day. I am retired, and I have a job keeping up with your articles. It must take a great deal of research to produce such informative material, invaluable to all of who want an independent Scotland. Keep up the good work.

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  3. Ah but one must never ever forget that Pub Owners/Landlords have attended
    And qualified at the finest of education facility known to man
    A little bird tells me such is named
    The University of Johnnie Walker Wisdom
    Where all lecturers are imbued constantly with Ethanol


  4. Not a good time for pub owners/landlords to be punting further relaxation of the rules. There is a serious outbreak in the Fort William area centered on a Sports Bar and cases in Stirlingg associated with a bar in the town. A good time for the trade to keep their heads down and their lips sealed.

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    1. But BBC Scotland will continue its ‘news gathering’ by asking for tweets and texts which will be read out in full. “Here is one from a drinker in Fort William – there is no outbreak here, I just want a pint.”

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  5. The recent criticism of Prof Sridhar by the Tories appears to be an attempt by them to recycle an attack on the Prof’s integrity by Ruth Davidson back in the summer of 2020.

    Perhaps too the trigger was Prof Sridhar’s recent comments on CH4 news about Scotland having one arm tied behind it’s back when it comes to fighting Covid-19.

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