NHS England learns how to cope with failure from Boris

Five years of abject failure to even come close to a target and NHS England decides just to stop measuring. That’ll do it. I wonder, where did they get that idea from?

Has Boris ever reflected on his suggestion last year that Scotland’s health services were compromised?

Will Reporting Scotland continue to ignore NHS Scotland’s success?

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3 thoughts on “NHS England learns how to cope with failure from Boris

  1. Boris is certainly a cornucopia of horrors, but at least you’ve little doubt he’s a threat to your continued health and well-being. Unlike the bizarre ‘feminists’ who appear to dominate Scottish politics, who’s brand of feminism endeavours to support the will of man, and is eager to entrench misogyny into Scots law.

    Applying feminist theory to medical education

    “Hooks’ simple definition of feminism is useful because it plainly but powerfully encapsulates the starting point of feminist theory: “feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression”.”

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  2. In Capitalist terms everyone who’s has paid or still pays National Insurance
    And as such are shareholders in the NHS
    So this begs the question what the Board of Directors in Westminster how can they possibly escape the legal responsibility of reporting to its shareholders as to how EHNS is performing
    A situation that would rapidly lead to a shareholder rebellion resulting in the removal of the Directors
    Wake up England your very health and life depends on you awakening from you current state of comatose

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