Brexit shrank UK services exports by £110bn, academics find

In the Irish Times today:

Experts at Aston University in Birmingham found that UK services exports from 2016 to 2019 were cumulatively £113 billion lower than they would have been had the UK not voted to quit the EU in June 2016.

From SNP Westminster Press Office:

The SNP has said that only by becoming an independent country can Scotland escape the damage being wreaked upon the economy and businesses due to the Tories’ extreme Brexit deal, after new research revealed the multi-billion pound hit to the UK’s services exports.

Findings published by experts from Aston University found that services exports were £113 billion lower than they would have been if the UK had remained in the EU. In stark contrast, Ireland’s cumulative service exports were £126 billion higher over the same period based on projections.

It comes a week after separate statistics released by the ONS revealed a plunge in trade between the UK and the EU due to the impact of Brexit and the pandemic.

Commenting, the SNP’s Shadow Europe Spokesperson, Dr Philippa Whitford MP said:

“With each day that passes, the impact of the extreme Tory Brexit on our economy, businesses and services continue to emerge.

“New research, which reveals that the UK’s service exports were a staggering £113 billion lower than had the UK remained part of the EU, is utterly devastating. In contrast, Ireland is witnessing a rise in service exports over the same period as they attract business lost by the UK.

“Brexit has been nothing short of one unmitigated disaster after another – and it is our businesses and key industries that are paying the price, with people’s jobs and livelihoods on the line.

“Scotland voted overwhelmingly to reject Brexit and it’s clear that the only way to protect our economy, businesses and jobs, and secure a strong recovery from the pandemic, is to become an independent country and return to the EU.

“Once the acute Covid crisis is over, people in Scotland have the right to choose a fairer future with independence.”

SNP Westminster Press Office

9 thoughts on “Brexit shrank UK services exports by £110bn, academics find

  1. The English government will be delighted that Scotland’s economy is already hugely damaged by the England imposed Brexit. It could hardly be worse actually, having your country removed from doing trade with 27 relatively close by, peaceful countries. Again, really, it’s akin to sanctioning Scotland, blocking trade, removing the right and ability to improve the economy, or even just keep it afloat. The SNP need to call it sanctioning because that’s exactly what it is!

    Worse news and highly depressing is from ‘British Colombia’ in Canada, where 100’s of unmarked graves of wee children have been found, indigeneous kids, removed from their families by force, put into ‘Christian’ residential ‘schools’, tiny kids, abused and murdered. !970’s mainly I think, what could be more horrific. Some of the murderers will possibly still be alive, I hope they rot in hell.

    Is it being reported in the BritNat media at all?


  2. If constitutional law hopes to be just, it must posses both natural, i.e. universally rational, and political justifications. The legislation enabling Brexit is predicated purely on the manufactured political will of right-wing English nationalism. It exhibits zero consideration of either socioeconomic law or Natural law. Subsequently, it is incompatible with the legal doctrines of necessity and proportionality, so should not be considered legally binding on Scotland.

    The Future of Economic and Social Rights


  3. The Anglo-Britnat fanatics won’t care. Brexit and English exceptionalism trumps all other considerations.

    Folk in Scotland simply won’t be told of the damage being exacted by this crazy government. Our colonial majah care not a jot for Scotland or the Scots.

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  4. There is a bitter irony to this, the decimation of industries to chase Thatcher’s unicorn of a massive Services sector, only to see the exports side of it slide due the more extreme Tories chase another unicorn of “sovereignty”.

    Nothing the Tories have touched in the name of “efficiency” has had a forward planning element in it since Dr Beeching in my formative years.
    The love affair between England’s electorate and these snake oil salesmen has returned them time and again to government, the more havoc they wreak the more enthralled they are.


    1. This is true, but, remember, Blair and Brown did a fair amount of evangelising about privatisation and ‘globalisation’ and the Bodger boasted about ‘light touch regulation’, and failed to tax the ‘non-doms’. And, who is advising Starmer – Mandelson, The Bodger, et al.

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