One more SNP ‘crisis’ about to bite the dust

They never tire, never lose hope that one day some alleged SNP ‘crisis’ or ‘civil war’ will have the effect they want so much, but the record is poor.

In March 2020, BBC Scotland tried this, only to see support for the SNP up to 53% in the next poll:

In August 2020, the Telegraph tried ‘Scotland’s exam body ‘in crisis’ after decision to downgrade 124,000 results sparks furious backlash.‘ with this image but Ipsos Mori then put SNP support up from 51% to 54%:

In November 2020, the Herald tried this, after Savanta had put the SNP at nearly 60%!

In February 2021, the Scotsman tried this while at the same time forgetting to mention that their own poll revealed SNP support up!

Over the last year from Derek Mackay in February 2020, SNP supported remains as it was, around 50% in early 2020 to around 50% in the spring of 2021.

They’re wasting their time.

The voters are not daft.

18 thoughts on “One more SNP ‘crisis’ about to bite the dust

  1. Editors office, somewhere in the Yoony-verse.

    ED–“OK, what do you lot have today. C’mon give me a headline”!

    Tom–“Ah heard doon the chip-shop, that they Essemmpee, want tae build the new Royal boat, an ca’ it Queen Nickla”!

    ED–“Gid yin. Any mair”?

    Iain–“Farmer Jack phoned. Boris is tae authorise £trillions being spent up here, on beads and wampum stuff”.

    “Na! We hae yazed than yin already. The punters just dont believe it”.

    Mark–” I wiz telt Prestwick hiz bin selt tae Amazon”. Haha, snigger, snort.

    ED–” We canny run that. It might be true”!

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  2. Tis a true sign of madness to continue repeatedly with actions that have no effect
    Nurse please attend as a matter of urgency upon these knaves
    Some will require a straight jacket
    But some of the more deluded will require a needle

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    1. “actions that have no effect”: I wonder!

      Despite EVERYTHING we in Scotland have faced since say 2014, polling shows support for independence STILL only at c. 50%.

      So it is arguable there has been an ‘effect’ – the dampening of momentum towards ‘yes’.

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      1. stewartb . . . . . Think you are correct there. . . . The Yoons will see the election result as a success of their efforts. . . .the vote for pro- Independence parties didn’t significantly outstrip the vote for Unionist parties . . Johnson as PM, Brexit, UK’s mishandling of Covid. Yoons must constantly thank their lucky stars for the D’hondt system

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      2. Totally agree there, the Brit state would not go tonto on their propaganda against Scotland if they thought for one minute it would not have some ‘effect’. It does, it creeps into peoples’ heads, sowing seeds of doubt and the fearful stay with the status quo even though in reality, it could destroy them and their families.

        The BritNats (English government in all but name) knew exactly what they were doing when they kept a very very tight hold of broadcasting powers in Scotland, they must have foreseen something? Maybe it was a case of just in case…anyway, the BritNats have form in brainwashing countries (people). Undermining their confidence, removing their resources and revenues, forcing them to stick with their own Britnat destructive policy, I mean tactics, destroying their infrastructure, sanctioning by the back door, (renewables) and telling them their democratically elected government is rogue, not fit, fascist even. Maybe that is a half decent summary of the BritNat state at large…Scotland is in great peril, the Brit state is on a war footing, and it’s the media who are the messenger, chipping away, they know it works on many, job done!

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  3. For a nation where it could “pish doon aw week”, a break and sunshine would always be along shortly, the relentless political rains were unnatural whether pro or anti-indy, the media were left with a shallow trust, mostly for the weather forecast.

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  4. you are right about the effect this has on SNP support, but at the same time is the resignation of the Treasurer, quoting lack of information as a reason is worrying? Perhaps Marco Biagi was, as the SNP suggested, “not up to the job” – but that then begs the question why they appointed him in the first place?
    The smoke may have no difference on the polling numbers, but it doesnt mean there is no fire!


    1. Don’t know. Marco was a contender for the Edinburgh central seat, but lost. It sounds like he is not happy with the SNP for whatever reason.
      The BritNat agenda is to have an ‘effect’ on independence support, the English gov. (and many Eng. people who do actually 100% believe they give their hard earned cash away, for ‘free’, to Scotland!) must want to keep sending all their money up to Scotland to the subsidy junkies, it’s really weird because the Tories and red Tories don’t really come across as generous or caring in general, hmmm.


  5. Remember when I used to bang on about it all boiling down to semiotics, on Wings? Well democracy, human rights, and the rule-of-law, can’t be separated, though there are many actors in the world of politics and law, who are intent on convincing you otherwise. The law can not be effective in coordinating justice and disciplining dangerous or harmful social activity, if it is divorced from material reality.

    Semiotics and the social analysis of
    material things


  6. The Herald just a waste of time and money. Why do they bother. Just depressive. Another day, more nonsense. Groundhog Day.


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