3 thoughts on “May 2021

  1. Steady, the Buffs…..haud, lads, haud!

    “As long as but a 100 of us stay alive……………………………………….”!

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  2. John. . . . You increased the number of articles per day in run up to election . . . . So with a small drop off in views per article I would expect the total number of page views per day etc to either stabilize or increase. . . .

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  3. My apologies John from Romania, but it did flag up the oddest observation on the 1150 to 757 response, almost a 1/3rd drop, 3 viewing one died ?
    I have not altered my habits (aka boring old fart) but the only only recent difference was a glitch with a required WordPress account elsewhere (same issue of “comment in moderation” – now resolved I know not how or why), yet visits were essentially the same.
    If views are what they are supposed to mean, something smells off here, short of State snoopers taking leave simultaneously.

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