Tom Gordon knowingly repeats the lies about pandemic control

In the Herald, from Tom Gordon:

NICOLA Sturgeon has effectively accused Boris Johnson of adding to the death toll from coronavirus by failing to take quick and decisive action during the pandemic. Despite Scotland broadly mirroring the lockdown south of the border, the First Minister said “bitter experience” had shown the importance of “responsible decision-making” by leaders.

I’ve just read a letter by friend of TuS, Leah Gunn Barrett, rebutting the same suggestion by Ian Murray and using TuS-sourced evidence. It’s typically well-put so why reinvent the wheel:

Tom Gordon tries to assign equal blame for the UK’s catastrophic Covid deaths on Holyrood, knowing full well that the Scottish Government did not have lockdown powers until the end of March 2020, but Westminster did. Let’s suppose Holyrood did have lockdown powers. Because it doesn’t have the power of the purse it would not have been able to offer furlough and other financial support which would have made a lockdown declaration a political and economic nonstarter. Again, those powers are held by Westminster.  

Tom seems unaware that the BBC’s head of statistics concluded that care homes receiving hospital discharge patients had a lower rate of Covid infections.[1] The highest death rate occurred in larger, privately owned homes that maintained maximum capacity, skimped on PPE, failed inspections, and employed minimal poorly paid staff who were forced to work even if they had symptoms. The Care Inspectorate figures reveal there were 2.1 Covid deaths per 100 care home places with up to 20 beds, but 12.6 deaths in homes with more than 80 beds.[2]

England’s Covid death rate, 40% higher than Scotland’s, shows the Scottish Government mitigated Tory mistakes.[3] An independent Scotland would have locked down earlier, closed its borders, and provided financial support, saving thousands of lives.  




5 thoughts on “Tom Gordon knowingly repeats the lies about pandemic control

  1. I’m looking forward to the day when empirical facts catch up with Murray’s spin.

    He can espouse whatever he likes, but “the” science has moved on a lot, even in the short time (relative to you and I Prof) since he left school. Gene sequencing will tell us who got what, with a good indication of where and when.

    Truth will out.

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      1. Point taken Alex.

        I’d had a few pints after work last night, first time in a long time (not since October). I was full of positivity and enthusiasm, which escapes me this morning; a hangover on all of 3 beers!


  2. Tom Gordon, Ian Murray, etc. etc. never tire of attempting to undermine what SG managed to accomplish, it’s baked into the London political cake.

    The recent C4 interview with Devi Sridhar had Guru-Murthy perfectly exampled the point, the classic “no real difference in outcome between Scotland and England” floated only to be beaten back for the umpteenth time with facts.
    The question never changes no matter how often it is comprehensively debunked, that is not journalism but politics.

    For such as Murray, ignoring known facts even when held up right in front of their face, is the face of modern London politics, it’s no longer about the clever distortion but the blatant lie, uncomfortable to most Scots.
    When journalism travels that same road, it only expands perception of who is involved in the lie, ending up in a cul-de-sac.

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