Sarwar nominated for creepiest politician of the year

For three years now this story, with the parents ‘probably’ groomed by Anas Sarwar, has returned to MSM reports at least eight times, according to my records. Most recently in the days before the election, Anas Sarwar shouted ‘what about Millie Main’ as a debating point with Nicola Sturgeon.

Today, 27th May 2021, the story of the death of one child has returned to headline for BBC Scotland in the above ridiculous terms.

On May 3rd, in time to not help Labour’s vote at all, it seems, Reporting Scotland headlined the story.

As for the cause of death, it was cancer. A hospital infection may have been caused by the presence of something in the environment which may have contributed to the death.

The parent is upset and angry but is not qualified to judge. The medical experts do not know anything for sure.

I do know it’s propaganda.

As for the ‘review’, it found (page 54):

No single source of ‘exposure’ to specific micro-organisms which may cause infections had been identified across the six year period.

In March 2021, the Herald inadvertently illustrated the creepy uncle feel to the Labour campaign:

Glasgow health board 'not fit for purpose' after claim it tried to 'cover  up' death of 10-year-old - Daily Record

He was desperate, after the latest Opinium poll placed him 5th and last, as the best candidate for First Minister, after ‘None of these’, ‘don’t know‘ and Douglas Ross. That last one’s a slap.

I’m not suggesting that Scottish Labour have been grooming this family in the way that the Scottish Conservatives seem to have been grooming the Ayrshire family whose daughter was murdered and who are calling for the culprit to be banned from the area after release, or the Lib Dems when one of them ‘saved my daughter’s life’ then rushed to the media to tell them, but sources have told me they are.

Sarwar has returned to ‘support’ this family as they leak a report which might be referring to their child:

Leaving aside the ethics of reporting a release, this is certainly, shoddy and not probably shoddy journalism. Here’s the key part:

A case note review, which is due to be published on Monday, looked into the cases of 84 children who developed infections while undergoing treatment at the hospital and found that a third of infections “probably” originated in the hospital and the rest were possibly acquired there. Families of patients referred to in the review were given sight of an embargoed copy of the report ahead of its publication. The report does not name the child who died but Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar said he had spoken to Kimberley Darroch who believes the patient referenced is her daughter, Milly Main.

If you were teaching journalism students, this would be a great example, for a 1st Year class on ethics. Would they believe it had actually been published?

If you were teaching politics students, this would be a great example for a 1st Year class on ethics. Would they believe that a party leader could sink so low?

In February 2020, the story was already old but quickly heated up:

A screenshot of a cell phone

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Let’s start with a fact:

‘We have fully tested the water supply and ward surfaces in Ward 6A and also reviewed individual infections and found no links between individual infections and no source of infections in the ward.’

Jane Grant, Chief Executive, NHSGGC, 1 December 2019

BBC Reporting Scotland have returned to this tragic case to further milk it morbidly after spending ten days on it in December. Accompanied with heart-breaking exploitative footage, once more, we hear:

‘Health Board bosses in Glasgow have referred the death of 10 year-old Milly Main to prosecutors. The move came after her family wrote to the Lord Advocate to call for a fatal accident inquiry following revelations about infections linked to the water supply at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.’

To be clear, only those unqualified to do so, the parents, Anas Sarwar and some journalists, have ‘linked’ any infections to any water supply. The link is journalistic, not scientific and, more worryingly for patient and staff morale, it’s wrong. There is no meaningful link. The referral to the prosecutors is because there is no scientific link and, so, still being accused by the unqualified, it has no choice but to pass it on.

The fuller website report uses the word ‘link’ eight times, only once to recognise the Health Board’s rebuttal. Seven times the inaccurate suggestion of a link is repeated.

Sickeningly and astonishingly brass-necked, Anas Sarwar, accuses the Health Board of cynicism. You have to laugh if you manage to keep your stomach down.

Also in February 2020, we saw how differently the English media treated far more serious cases:

A person standing in front of a body of water

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Queen Elisabeth Queen Mother Hospital in Margate

‘The BBC discovered at least seven preventable deaths since 2016’ and ‘four further families have now spoken out saying their babies would not have died if medics had provided better care’ but all ‘the government’ need do is to ‘receive the Healthcare Safety Branch’s report into the 25 cases later, as well as a Care Quality Commission report from an inspection carried out in January.’ Also, ‘In two of the cases, the mothers said the actions of the trust left them feeling they were to blame for their babies’ deaths.’

Can you imagine what Lisa Summers might make of the above? Can you see the tear-sodden extended interviews so close that you can see the tears? Can you guess just how many days the story would be extended over? Seven? More?

In the four English reports above, there is not one mention of the health secretary by name and certainly no suggestion that he might be responsible or, don’t be daft, resign. There is no interview with an opposition politician where they might be allowed to rant and to demand that heads must roll. It occurs to neither the BBC nor the opposition to politicise these tragedies. They know the health board is responsible.

But in Scotland:

A screenshot of a social media post

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Just a delay, not even one child death, for heads to roll?

This is an editorial policy and a culture among reporters in BBC Scotland which may damage the SNP far more than any sex scandal could and it should be called-out by the leadership.

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12 thoughts on “Sarwar nominated for creepiest politician of the year

  1. Considering the like of this and Marr’s shenanigans, quite why the SNP still agree to interviews with the BBC is beyond me.


    1. So disappointng that a Labour Leader showing some initial promise has, almost predictably in the first days of a new parliament sought to Dredge the ditches for material with which to besmirch the government and the FM specifically.
      Does he think she is a bio-chemist, water engineer or architect solely responsible for potential failures of filtration systems?
      Today, trying to score political points on the back of the deaths of two children the man succeeds in two ways.
      He demonstrates that his vaunted need for new politics is a sham. He then manages, without the assistance of anyone else to show himself to be a prize plumb. Spelling is deliberate.


  2. Think it’s too easy to miss the point here . . . . Bottom right . . . “Oh Look There’s a Princess” C’mon Guys get a grip!


  3. Just the bit saying, ‘biggest scandal of devolution era’ makes me feel sick to my stomach. How utterly disgraceful on so many levels. To attempt to undermine devolution which so many people in Scotland voted for, using the death of a child is just despicable. Labour had ten years ta the hel at Holyrood, I wonder how many may have died unnecessarily due to the cuts to services they made? I am sure I remember people lying on trolleys in corridors in hospitals in Scotland, and er, deaths from hospital aquired infections was out of control all due to cuts to staff levels and privatisation creeping in on Labours’ watch.

    The BritNat media are attempting to create a sense of temporality about devolution in the minds of the people, it’s an ‘era’, like fashion or fascism.
    All part of the EngGovs’plot to otherthrow the SNP if deemed necessary.
    No thanks.

    To be completely cynical, what is the agenda of the family of the poor girl who so tragically died, what do they want, or what are they being told they should get?

    Sarwar is it seems, a liar, and an opportunist and he would deny the people of Scotland a choice in deciding who governs them, no doubt whatsoever. It’s all very sinister the BritNat narrative, underming actual devolution. I wonder how long Sarwar will last, can’t be easy waking up every day to a BritNat brief facing you on your laptop, telling you what to lie or mislead the people about, still money is a weird thing, some people will go to great lengths to secure lots of it for themselves, no ethics, conscience or morals required. No thanks, I’d rather starve.

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  4. Just watched STV News this evening at c. 2235 hours. The Anas Sarwar intervention at FMQs today on infections suffered by children in hospital was reported. It included the charge that one family still had not been informed of what had happened to its child.

    The newsreader ended with a reference to the planned independent inquiry BUT failed to explain that the one family in question could not be contacted despite ‘rigourous’ efforts to do so.

    Clearly this is an important bit of information for the viewers. By leaving it out, the STV coverage was misleading: the framing was very negative!

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  5. John, this is great article. More power to your elbow for highlighting it. Like ArtyHetty I was infuriated by the ‘biggest scandal of devolution era’ comment.

    Quite why Nicola Sturgeon meekly accepts these accusations rather than robustly condemning them is totally beyond me. There is really no need for her to do so. Her acceptance looks like some sort of admission of guilt.

    Sarwar’s faux sympathy makes me boak. He has no genuine concern or interest in these families. He is no more than a parasite dining out out on people’s grief.

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    1. She, Nicola, didn’t except it meekly. If you watched her reply in full at F.M.Qs she gave the full facts. In fact, she repeated them several times. 83 out of 84 parents had been contacted, but despite strenuous efforts by the authorities, the missing parent couldn’t, for whatever reason, be traced, but that efforts would continue.

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  6. Aye John, odd coincidence don’t you think that HMS Sarah Smith should revive this story to coincide with Sarwar raising this as the second FM Question at ScotParl yesterday ?
    Clearly the Propagandists believe there is still some political mileage left in this sad abuse of a dead child.
    That he and the BBC insist in pivoting on the utterly discredited “contaminated water” assertion is the most absurd aspect of all in this propaganda story, it’s akin to a car accident in Peterhead being attributed to someone sneezing in Paris.
    “Ah, but can you completely rule out the possibility ?” – Bizarre.

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