Scotland’s test and trace teams succeeding in Glasgow

I haven’t got today’s figures but the number of new cases has been falling for 5 days now in Glasgow City. The system is robust unlike it’s outsourced, privatised, equivalent in England.

Scotland’s MSM have a different tale to tell you:

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5 thoughts on “Scotland’s test and trace teams succeeding in Glasgow

  1. Glasgow Vaccination 50% No Shows

    Under 40’s are to get Pfizer. . . . This would have to be defrosted . . . Has it all been wasted?

    Is there strong distrust of Covid vaccine amongst Glasgow’s under 40’s

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  2. You’ve got to laugh, or else start doubting your own theory of Mind. The international rule-of-law currently faces many political challenges (see Brexit and the wider denial of cognitive materialism), and I’m just not convinced that Scotland’s MSM can honestly claim to be innocent of partisan involvement in the various ongoing culture-wars.

    The Law of the Excluded Middle: Discourse as Casualty of the Post-Truth Extremist Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic


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