BBC Scotland tries to blame vaccine no-shows on SNP

Headlining for BBC Scotland, a report on vaccine no-shows in one centre, features an early and repeated suggestion that letters arriving late may have been the cause and Tory MSP Annie Wells implying that this is the cause and that ‘SNP ministers must give health boards the resources to ensure that people’s details are fully up-to-date.

BBC Wales on the 30th March reporting on no-shows in Swansea featured no such allegations and suggested instead: ‘people needed to ensure their GPs had their correct address.

BBC England/UK? They’re not even reporting no-shows as an issue.

What’s the research evidence?

A February 2021 study by Imperial College London with partners in the US and Belgium found that vaccine mis-information significantly reduced willingness to take the vaccine and that is particularly truie for certain ‘sociodemographic groups.’ These groups are presumably based on ethnicity or faith. Such groups are present in quite high numbers in Glasgow.

Also in February 2021, the BMJ reported:

In a UK survey in December 2020, vaccine hesitancy was highest among black, Bangladeshi, and Pakistani populations compared with people from a white ethnic background. Even more worryingly, data up to 15 January 2021 show substantially lower rates of covid-19 vaccinations among over 80s in ethnic minority (white people 42.5%, black people 20.5%) and deprived communities (least deprived 44.7%, most deprived 37.9%) in England. Similarly, data from an NHS trust show lower covid-19 vaccination rates among ethnic minority healthcare workers (70.9% in white workers v 58.5% in South Asian and 36.8% in black workers).

On the basis of no actual evidence of late letters and ignoring scientific advice, BBC Scotland colludes with the Tories to blame the SNP.

5 thoughts on “BBC Scotland tries to blame vaccine no-shows on SNP

  1. People are being texted. The 30s group. Younger ones are being told to phone to make an appointment. Or are they not bothered, so much, so they make another time or date,. More likely crossed lines than people not turning up. Everyone who will die has been vaccinated.





  3. Looking at the trend of the vaccinations data, it can be seen that vaccinations at weekends is less than vaccinations for weekdays. However, the data for the recent weekend shows that more people were vaccinated then than was the case for the previous for weekends. The recent daily average rate of vaccinations is increasing and has been increasing for about a fortnight and is approaching the maximum levels attained since the programme began. The vaccination rate for Scotland matches closely that for the UK as a whole. Although the rate of first vaccinations is less than that for Wales – every country in the world has a lower rate of first vaccinations than Wales – the rate of second vaccinations exceeds Wales and is amongst the best in the world.

    On ‘Drivetime’ yesterday, Mr John Beattie was boorishly aggressive with Professor Leitch. Since it was he who started the hoo-hah about a lack of hand sanitisation as the QEUH, based on an anecdote at a dinner party by a consultant whose specialism was NOT infection control. The QEUH had a good level of hand sanitisation and her complaint was that no-one was actually stationed at the door to tell entrants to sanitise.

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    1. My wife is going to the Southern General (QE my arse) tomorrow for a major operation, and when we were through last week for pre op, there was a guy at the main entrance to neurology with sanitiser, and literally hand sanitiser everywhere you looked once inside.


  4. O/T but only just! It’s about editorial decisions on news coverage made by the BBC in Scotland and England.

    You may recall on 21 November 2020, the Scotland page of the BBC News website had an article entitled: ‘Covid in Scotland: Concern at rise in hospital-acquired infections’. It included quotes from opposition politicians in Holyrood referring to Scottish Government failure, reference to ‘senior doctors” letter of complaint and reference to explanations on the issue from the Scottish Government. As we know this is fairly typical of BBC Scotland coverage of health matters.

    The Guardian has just published this on hospital acquired Covid infections in England: ‘Weaknesses that led to patients getting Covid in hospital remain’. I’ll give some details before looking at the BBC’s coverage of the same story.


    It states: (FoI) ‘Replies from the 81 other trusts disclosed that a total of 32,307 inpatients either probably or definitely became infected during their stay, and up to 8,747 of them died, either while they were still in hospital or after they were discharged. In lieu of the NHS publishing exact figures for England as a whole, that is the closest approximation yet of the true death toll.’

    ‘Given the fatalities the FoI responses contained, it is easy to see why Jeremy Hunt, the former health secretary, calls hospital-acquired Covid “one of the silent scandals of the pandemic”.’

    ‘As NHS leaders themselves acknowledge and expert reports have shown, they have happened because often-ageing and cramped NHS hospitals starved of cash to modernise during a decade of austerity have had too few single rooms to isolate the infected, and because trusts had little or no scope to test their staff and too little personal protective equipment, such as FFP3 masks, especially early in the pandemic.’

    So a big story for the BBC – Covid, hospital infections and deaths, attribution to austerity? Well it surely would have been for BBC Scotland! But all I can discern is a very brief mention during the Radio 4 Today programme’s newspaper review and a Guardian front page picture on the BBC website, again in the setting of the usual scan of UK newspapers.

    The Guardian article only refers to Tory MP Jeremy Hunt; there is no reference to ‘government’ responsibilities and no comment from opposition politicians. But this news about England’s NHS is effectively omitted altogether by the BBC – unless you’ve seen otherwise!

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