Scotland did not vote for this

Is this real?

From SNP Media

The SNP has hit back at Priti Patel over her comments that the British public voted for ramping up immigration raids – saying Scotland “absolutely did not vote for them” or the Tory government.
The comments follow the Home Secretary’s announcement to punish asylum seekers who arrive in the UK via irregular routes – as the overwhelming majority of people fleeing persecution do. Under the proposals, people who enter the UK via irregular routes seeking asylum won’t have the same entitlements as those who arrive through official channels, such as resettlement schemes. The UN has condemned these plans.
Priti Patel also outlined her plans to stop the use of ID cards in the UK this year – the same year in which the settled status scheme deadline ends – but failed to give further details on how this would be carried out. A large proportion of EU citizens use ID cards, which means they could face further challenges in proving their rights here in the UK.
The Home Secretary also said that the immigration system is broken, ignoring the fact that her own party has been in government for 11 years.
Commenting, the SNP’s Immigration spokesperson, Anne McLaughlin MP, said:
“These comments from the Home Secretary show, once again, just how out of touch the Tory government is with the people of Scotland. 
“Scotland absolutely did not vote for these cruel immigration raids or any of the other toxic Tory migration policies. Nor did we vote for the Tory government or their hard Brexit that is making the UK more isolationist as the weeks go on.
“Indeed, the people of Glasgow and elsewhere in Scotland have made it abundantly clear that they will not stand by and let the Home Office ramp up these inhumane raids. We have made it clear we want a humane migration and asylum system that works for Scotland based on fairness, dignity and respect – just like our social security system. Priti Patel’s speech today made clear that Scotland isn’t going to get that from Westminster.
“The only way Scotland will have a fair migration system that best suits our country’s needs, and helps us secure a strong, green recovery, is by becoming an independent country. That is why the SNP Scottish Government will hold a post-pandemic independence referendum – to allow the people of Scotland to put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands.

“But right now, it is vital that the Home Office sets out the details of their plans to end ID cards so no-one faces further issues in proving their rights in the UK. We have already seen instances whereby EU nationals have struggled to rent and do other vital things post-Brexit because of a lack of documentation – an issue caused solely by the Home Office.”

6 thoughts on “Scotland did not vote for this

  1. I wish I could believe the SNP was serious about independence. They talk a good game and are full of bluster when WM screws us over again and again but have not done a single thing to advance the case for independence. No preparation, no vision, no policy papers and they continue to ignore the Spring conference vote on currency, preferring the ridiculous Andrew Wilson ‘Growth Commission’ neoliberal garbage. This activist is getting tired.

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    1. Leah, I was in the Royal Navy, based at Faslane in 1968. I was “converted” ( it would be my contention that ALL Scots are born pro-Indy) to independence by an Englishman, a contractor and married to a Scot, who was adamant Scotland should be independent—he was fairly old then, so must have passed. We had a dozen or so conversations, I was drafted to Gibraltar and never saw him again.

      My point? I am in this for the long haul, though might be a goner before it happens.
      We should know by springtime next year how serious Sturgeon is—but there will be someone after her, if she wilts, then someone else, then someone else–until it gets done.

      Never stop, or give up.
      It’s comin’ yet.

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  2. There is most definitely an alternative to allowing contemporary English nationalism to determine the legal rights that Scots are, and are not, entitled to. Berxit articulates precisely the sort of English majoritarianism that is proscribed in the Treaty of Union, which is where Westminster derives its legal authority to govern Scotland. The Treaty is part of international law, so outwith Westminster’s legal powers of interpretation.

    Brexit is an anti-foundationalist rejection of cognitive materialism and international law, forcing the re-imagination of Scotland’s legal identity to conform with English political culture. So it’s more than a pity ‘our’ parliament and political culture is a creature of Westminster’s rule.

    Can there be a ‘critical’ multiculturalism?

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  3. NS must surely be aware of all the discontent there is in the Yes Movement but doesn’t appear interested in dealing with it. She deigns not to enlighten her electorate who have given her their vote. Disrespectful to say the least.

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  4. The Tories depopulation Scotland once again. So out of touch. Patel is a nasty person. A bully trying to make people’s lives a misery. The Brexit mess and shambles, The Westminster parasites and hypocrites taking no responsibility for the carnage they have caused worldwide. Nil points.

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