Are rape prosecutions far more common and rape reports far less common in Scotland?

In Scotland in 2018/19, 2 426 cases of rape were reported. Only 324 or 13% were prosecuted. Far too few, I know.

According to the Guardian today, in 2019/20, ‘Fewer than one in 60 rape cases recorded by the police last year resulted in a suspect being charged, analysis of Home Office figures seen by the Guardian reveals.’

1 in 60 is only 1.6%.

The Guardian also reported 52 210 rapes reported in England and Wales, pro rata more than twice the rate in Scotland.

5 thoughts on “Are rape prosecutions far more common and rape reports far less common in Scotland?

  1. Unfortunately for Scotland, and unhealthy proportion of our political and legal classes are determined to place their politics above the law, and are beavering away to remove the legal protections afforded to natal women. As such, they are creating a legal environment that will constrain women’s access to the public realm, and undermine their participation in democracy. England is certainly going down the stanky and is determined to take Scotland with it, but it can only do so with the able assistance of the misguided clowns we have representing us. Who appear to be determined to undermine the viability of Scottish culture, in the name of compassionate inclusiveness.


  2. John, I like the way you start with a bad statistic, only 13% of rapes prosecuted in Scotland, and turn it into a good story by contrasting with England’s 1.6%, then the killer that their rate if reported offences is double ours (pro rata). Thank goodness I live in Scotland. Needless to say that comparison won’t be reported on BBC Scotland

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  3. The thing is, not only is denying women a legally defensible identity that’s autonomous from man’s will, incompatible with international law, it’s not possible to plan for the future needs of society if you exclude a significant and substantive group identity from political debate (see British constitutionalism and Brexit).

    Intersectionality in Quantitative Psychological Research: II. Methods and Techniques


  4. Remove corroboration in rape offences. There is hardly likely to be a witness. High profile people are being found guilty. That might be a deterrent. A culture of change. Innocent people being out in trial on lies does not help, The Lord Advocate is going having wasted £Millions of public monies.

    Woman who cohabit do not have equal rights with others. Women have to stay unsafe, abusive situations. They do not have £thousands to go to Court. They have to put in a claim within a year. There is little legal aid. It has been changed in England so women do not lose their homes.

    Rental agencies (solicitors) illegally demand 6 months + deposit upfront rent. Even if women have the funds and good credit ratings.


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