Brits support second referendum

Leader: Why the SNP has a mandate for a second Scottish referendum
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Form SNP Media:

A new poll shows that people across the UK believe that people in Scotland must have the democratic right to choose our own future in an independence referendum.

The Savanta ComRes poll for Left Foot Forward shows that a plurality – 39 percent – of voters across Britain believe Scots have the right to an independence referendum following the Holyrood election results, to just 34 percent who believe they do not. 46 percent of voters in Scotland back the right to another vote, compared to just 32 percent against.

The SNP has said that Boris Johnson’s undemocratic attempts to deny the democratic mandate for an independence referendum delivered in the Holyrood election “will not hold.”

SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said: 
“This poll shows that people across the UK – including almost 60 per cent of those expressing a view in Scotland – believe that people in Scotland have the democratic right to choose our own future in a post-pandemic referendum. 
“The Holyrood election delivered a cast-iron democratic mandate for an independence referendum. And Boris Johnson’s undemocratic attempts to ignore that free and fair election result and deny the people of Scotland the right to choose a better future as an equal, independent country are completely unsustainable and will not hold.
“This poll also piles more pressure on Labour leader Keir Starmer’s muddled position, and puts him at odds with his own party members who overwhelmingly support Scotland’s future being in Scotland’s hands – not Boris Johnson’s.
“Westminster has shown it is incapable of delivering the change that is required for Scotland’s recovery from the Covid-19 crisis. If the UK remains a democracy, then people in Scotland must have the right to decide our own future, so we can choose a better path than Boris Johnson’s shambolic Tory government and continue to build a fairer country.”


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One thought on “Brits support second referendum

  1. Labour really has to make its mind up about this issue.

    With a sizeable chunk of its voters in Scotland prepared to vote for Tories or LibDems to reduce the chances of SNP winning constituencies, then it is only a matter of time before some of these decide to remain with the Tories, because they are perceived to be ‘patriotic’. The Blairite position is Thatcherism-lite, so, these same voters are inclined towards the neoliberal philosophy. Clearly the Broon position of devo-max has no chance since there is little support for it in England and, in any case, Labour still believes in FPTP for Westminster.

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