Labour MSP accuses own party of ‘muddled’ policy on independence

Anas Sarwar reshuffles Scottish Labour frontbench
(c) Holyrood

From SNP Media:

New Scottish Labour MSP Carol Mochan has accused her own party of having a ‘muddled’ policy on independence and risked having its vote fall even further in future elections in Scotland.

Ms Mochan also warned that Scottish Labour could have faced ‘Liberal Democrat levels of annihilation’ were it not for the proportional voting system in place for Holyrood elections.

The South Scotland MSP also panned the party’s doomed federalism policy, admitting that there is little public support for it and that it is ‘impossible for my own party to claim there is not an appetite… for another referendum.’

Polling expert Professor Sir John Curtice also claimed yesterday that Labour “has been inviting people to vote for a vacuum,” suggesting that it “seemingly has virtually nothing to say about anything.”

SNP MSP Tom Arthur said:

“After their worst ever performance in Holyrood elections, this is devastating for Labour and demonstrates how they continue to fall into deeper irrelevance in Scotland. 

“Throughout the election campaign Scottish Labour sat on the fence and refused to acknowledge that a majority of people in Scotland want to put their future into their own hands – not Boris Johnson’s.

“And by doing so, Scottish Labour continues to alienate its own members – with recent polling showing that one-third of them back a post-pandemic referendum on Scotland’s future. 

“Labour’s refusal to acknowledge Scotland’s right to choose our own future opens the door for the Tories to impose devastating austerity and callous policies on the people of Scotland, plunging thousands of families into poverty and putting vital public services and workers’ rights at risk.

“The reality for Labour is that the people of Scotland have spoken and have sent an emphatic message that Scotland’s future should be in Scotland’s hands. Labour must recognise that if they are to have any chance of remaining relevant.”

4 thoughts on “Labour MSP accuses own party of ‘muddled’ policy on independence

  1. A ‘muddled’ BritNat party, jilted, chucked aside for shafting Scotland, aww. Tough, Scotland’s looking forward to being independent, Labour brnch troughers in Scotland, HQ’d in London, are surplus to requirement.

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  2. Of all the political parties in Scotland, Labour are the hardest to fathom.

    Tories: Oppose indy, oppose indyref, oppose democratic choice for Scotland.
    Outrageous ?
    Yes, but in reality, they dont care because they can rule over Scotland, inflicting misery on us, by weight of English won votes, and enjoy popularity from rabid right wing zealots, for doing so.

    They have ZERO motivation for giving a toss what Scots think.

    Lib dems: They had a taste of power in 2010, and hanker for the next time, not got the brains to realise how they were damaged by associating with right wing maniacs.

    Labour: This is a party who, not unreasonably, could rule an independent Scotland within a reasonably short timescale.

    All they have to do is:

    1. Declare they are making a LEGAL split from the Labour Party, and becoming the Labour Party of Scotland.

    2. Declare for an independent Scotland.

    3. Have a clear out of diehard Unionists.

    That alone, goes a long way to repairing reputational damage, and they also get to make the claim that “labour got indy over the line” at the indyref, and have some reasonable truth in saying it.

    Post Indy, this new Labour Party of Scotland will likely regain a fair chunk of the people who left them because of their anti indy stance, and with no Tories or Libdems (as currently constituted, they could not legally operate in Scotland) they would become the official opposition immediately, with a stronger representation.

    Thats a decent base to build the new Party on, going into future elections.

    If they were to demonstrate to Scots voters that they really were in it for Scotland, by being (initially) a constructive opposition, then its not unreasonable to suggest they could challenge within 2 terms (10 years) for becoming the iScottish Government (look at the rise of the SNP before dismissing that notion).

    What labour in Scotland need to seriously ask themselves is:

    Where do you want to be in 10 years?

    1. Ever more irrelevent, and having ZERO hope of ruling Scotland by dint of a Labour government at WM for at least a decade ?

    2. Potentailly being in charge, or having a huge say, in running one of the wealthiest small nations on earth, as it expands and grows exponentially as it escapes the shackles of WM rule, holding us back ?

    The clock is ticking for Labour in Scotland, as an indyref Yes vote is surely coming fairly soon, and if labour continue their present views on indy/indyref, they will join the Tories and libdems out of Scottish Politics, and any attempt to split from the labour party AFTER a Yes vote, will not play out very well in future elections, and for quite a bit longer than the 10 year plan talked about earlier, above.

    Labour in Scotland have no ambition for their country, so why on earth do they think Scottish voters would let them near government at Holyrood, when they have no ambition for themselves, and why on earth can they not see this ?

    Its Cognative Dissonance gone mad!!


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