Ooooh, how many are angry? Just one but he is a Sir Professor so…..

The Herald

Desperate, just desperate. Professor Sir John Curtice, 67 year-old psephologist (bean-counter), has not had his second jag and the helpline didn’t help him, he says, and that is the Herald’s front-page screamer.

Nothing based on nothing of no real news value to anyone, anywhere. I’ve heard more than one person praise the helpline but did not feel the need to tell the Herald about it.

Journalism? Only if you have the lowest standards possible.

Some real news?

Chart of vaccine take up by region and UK nation - 92% of those aged 40 or over in the South West have received one dose of the vaccine, compared to 81% in London

We’re in the middle but better than Wales, Northern Ireland or London.


SHOCK: South-West of England’s vaccination rate leaves Scotland behind!

I know Yes-voters still buying the Herald.

The Herald

12 thoughts on “Ooooh, how many are angry? Just one but he is a Sir Professor so…..

  1. Jason Leitch was asked about this on Good Morning Scotland, by the smug bool-in-the-mooth, Laura Maxwell, but in the usual generalising from a particular way: “The Covid Helpline has failed, hasn’t it?”

    To which the Professor replied, “That is not quite right.”

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  2. Will The Herald devote a front-page headline to just anyone who has a problem ?

    In that case , I haven’t received a reply from the BBC on my ( latest) complaint about their propaganda channel(s) churning out misinformation on an almost daily basis .

    Do I qualify for a Headline ? What about a piece from Mark Smith – trying to turn it into an attack of the SNP ?
    I wait with unbated breath .

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  3. John, I have to confess to a certain sympathy for Curtice, based on my own experience.
    My wife and I got the same date/time/ place for our first jag. However, since my wife has had MS for 37 years and has mobility problems, she wanted her’s done at home. So, we phoned the helpline and were told – very efficiently – that this would be arranged, just to wait to hear. I had my own jag, but 10 days later still no word about when my wife would get hers. Phoned the helpline and was told the original message had not been passed on, but that call handler would see that it was. However, seven days later still no word, so phoned again to be told the message had been passed on this time. OK, but seven days later still no word, so phoned again and was told all they could do was to pass the message on, so I asked for a number where I could pass the message on myself, but was told – and this is the point – the helpline couldn’t do this. There was no public contact point as far as I could learn for contacting the Health Board about a vaccination.
    Put short, it seems to me that the Helpline performs the same function for the Health Boards and their people doing the vaccination programme as the GP receptionist performs for your GP – and barrier between you and the person you really want to talk to. This, it seems to me IS a problem and should be recognised as such. That said, to generalise from one old(ish) man’s experience in an attempt to demonise the entire system is sadly typical of much of the msm.
    One last point, if his second does was due by April 30, he was lucky – mine wasnt due till 8th May and I’m older than him.


  4. Cart and horse comes to mind, so does first world problem. If the Tories hadn’t responded in character to the early warnings about covid-19, by valuing the private interests of capital over the common good of public health, we would almost certainly have experienced far less premature death and damage to the economy. So, though Sir John Curtice may have a legitimate concern, he must also be aware of where the responsibility ultimately rests for the undeniable disaster that has been HMG’s response to the pandemic.

    COVID-19 legislation in the light of the
    precautionary principle

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  5. The paradox about knowledge is, the more you know the more you’re aware of how little you actually know. Nations can’t enjoy democracy and the rule-of-law, if their justice systems are incompatible with international law. The precautionary principle is part of international law. So Scots will never enjoy the benefits of democracy, as English Torydum is intensely hostile to international law, especially the precautionary principle. Westminster is also determined not to recognise Scotland’s legitimate legal identity.

    P.S. forcing Scots law to accommodate gender woo-woo ignores the legitimate legal identity of natal women, and is also incompatible with the precautionary principle. The woo-woo comes from the radical left, but it is pretty much the pinnacle of neo-liberal theory and practice.

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  6. Are stats for Scotland available by North, South etc regions? If so, and one is outperforming the English regions, it may be an idea to fight fire with fire and promote it right back at them.


  7. I’m aware there’s a fine line between forcing a point and badgering, but I just happen to know a bit about this stuff. I also note from a recent interview, that Sir John Curtice appears to value a realistic world view over partisan political hyperbole. So I think I’d be letting everyone down if I didn’t point to this investigation into the concept of “VALUE”, informed by the philosophy of science, vulnerability theory, care ethics and stuff. 😉

    Defining and Implementing Value-Based Health Care: A Strategic Framework


  8. I really don’t want to become a monologue, but the ball’s kind of landed perfectly for me. So I hope you’ll forgive me putting an expensive education paid for by Scottish tax payers, into practice. And please try to remember I’m not stroking my ego in public, I’m rising to the occasion. 😉

    The Limits to Public Value, or Rescuing Responsible Government from the Platonic Guardians


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