BBC Scotland not reporting that Tories are to stab Scottish hill-farmers in the back next with Oz deal

As the back-stabbing of Scotland’s fishing industry falls off the even the few pages it did make, the UK Government is set to betray Scotland’s hill-farmers with its Australian trade deal. In the FT and the Financial Review, below, but not featuring in Scotland’s MSM at all:

UK officials said Australian and New Zealand negotiators were holding firm on demands for full tariff liberalisation, which Ms Truss was under pressure to grant in order to meet the G7 deadline, perhaps phased in over a 10-year period. But such a deal risks inflaming arguments over Scottish and Welsh independence because the likely impact of zero-tariff imports of Australian lamb and beef will land hardest in rural areas such as Scottish and Welsh hill farms. Mr Gove, a former UK environment minister who, when in office, pledged that UK farmers would be protected by tariffs in the event of a no-deal Brexit, is sensitive to the questions raised by Brexit over the future of the UK. One ally of Mr Gove said: “Everyone is supporting Liz to get a great deal.”

So, once again, clearly not better together.

The Herald has not highlighted the story having preferred Anas Sarwar again and the suggestion that Sturgeon is ‘set to face competition from Rennie and Ross for First minister’s job.’ What are they on?

Surely it’ll be in the business section. There, sheep! Nope.

Scotsman? Nowhere.

P&J? They must do sheep. Nope. They’re headlining: ‘A Peterhead couple accused of letting their dogs run “dangerously out of control” before striking one repeatedly over the face with a chain will stand trial on animal abuse charges.’

They do have a farming section:

What’s that down at the bottom? Ah, the new Scottish Government must ‘something‘.

Scotland’s MSM not holding government to account.

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11 thoughts on “BBC Scotland not reporting that Tories are to stab Scottish hill-farmers in the back next with Oz deal

  1. Scottish hill farmers do not all vote Tory. I have a friend who owns and runs a hill farm – he votes Labour, but, he’s a former prop forward at rugby who has maybe taken too-many blows to the head.

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    1. It is clear from the recent election that any distinctions amongst unionists – Tory, Labour or LibDem – are becoming increasingly fluid and blurred for a number of them as we saw from the ‘retention’ of places like, Dumbarton, West Aberdeenshire’, etc, by unionist MSPs.

      It is noteworthy the FT phraseology – ‘inflaming arguments over Scottish and Welsh independence’. It implies that independence is some kind of ‘infection’.

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      1. “It is noteworthy the FT phraseology – ‘inflaming arguments over Scottish and Welsh independence’. It implies that independence is some kind of ‘infection’.”

        I didn’t actually take it that way, though I see your point.

        Looked to me like it’s raising concerns there may be a ‘Better Together’, Four Nations approach to independence.


  2. There is also absolutely no mention of global warming.
    Why is it acceptable when we are facing reductions in the future use of fossil fuels to increase our trade with the opposite side of the world?
    Why also is there no mention of what Australia and New Zealand will purchase from us?
    England already has an imports/exports imbalance.

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  3. The key point to emphasise here is , surely , that Liz Truss is being trusted with these ‘negotiations’ .
    With her skills it is likely that she will agree to all Scottish / Welsh sheep farms having tariffs imposed on THEM !
    This is a Tory with all the intelligence of Baldrick from Blackadder but without his insight !

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  4. A “pledge” by Gove? Or any Tory to SCotland?
    Like the furniture polish, a wee dicht wi’ a cloot and its gone!

    Hi Jack is in the Cabinet. He will speak up for the farmers—wont he?
    Or, perhaps when his sheep-farming neighbours go to the wall, he will can pick up some cheap, cheap land, wont he?
    Plant some trees, get a subsidy–its a virtuous circle for Tories.

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  5. Don’t suppose there is mention of the fact that Scotland voted against England’s vanity project Brexit by 62%.
    The SNP need to keep telling people about the massive damage coming to Scotland due to England’s Brexit, and repeat infinitum how the people of Scotand were told to vote ‘no’ in 2014 in order to stay in the EU. The biggest lie of the decade, and EU citizens in Scotland back then voted ‘no’ thinking they were going to be chucked out of Scotland the day after if it was a yes result.

    The fact is that the English government are actually locking EU citizens up on arrival to the UK if they don’t appear to have the ‘correct paperwork’, actually carting young terrified folk off to prison, that one they take people to in England if deemed ‘illegal immigrants’! Even temporarily that must be really scary.

    I wouldn’t take the mention of ‘competition’ for Scotland’s democratically elected FM, from Rennie and Ross too lightly either. Sounds like another threat. They are plotting.


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