Scotland has third highest vaccination rate in the World

Only Israel and Wales have vaccinated more of their populations overall but Wales has done less (92%) of the vulnerable JCVI priority groups, over 50 and with underlying conditions, than Scotland (98%).

Though the cumulative totals are not far apart, Scotland has been vaccinating a higher percentage than England since April 22, more than two weeks ago.

BBC Scotland has been too busy to report this.

One thought on “Scotland has third highest vaccination rate in the World

  1. Heard an article on R4 news (I know, I know. But I was on the way back from taking my son to count votes. And our lot was wittering on about how getting 8 players on the Lions squad instead of the usual 2/3 was because of the win in Paris. Absolutely nothing to do with The Lurve Bomb. And I got sick of listening.)

    Anyhoo. It concerned a 15-weeks pregnant woman in England who’d been messed around re getting vaccinated. Rang to book an appointment, telling them she was expecting. Got there, mentioned her condition and was told they don’t vaccinate expectant mums, get in touch with her GP. Who got back to her saying there were only 2 suitable vaccines (Pfizer & Moderna) and they didn’t have any.

    Some top medic said, basically:
    – The reason the UK programme was going so well was that they’d vaccinated as many people as quickly as possible by not giving them a choice of vaccine.
    – The “new rules” had only been in place for 3 weeks and weren’t filtering down as quickly as might be hoped.
    – The booking system in place at the moment didn’t allow people to choose the vaccine (eg in cases like this)
    – There were plans to change this for under 30s, perhaps even under 40s.
    – This was far more complex to change than had been anticipated. It was no easy task…
    – There was no telling when the 2 vaccines would be available, so she’d have to keep ringing.

    At which point, I shouted “Well you could try sending 8£**$# letters, like silly primitive Scotland does, couldn’t you?!” and switched off in disgust.

    I feel better now… 😀

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