SHOCK: Scotland NOT lagging behind on vaccinations!

BBC UK, once again, not doing what BBC Scotland prefer and presenting information revealing that we’re not lagging behind.

This time is was vaccinations. Surely we’re behind. Did Alex Cole-Hamilton not say that recently? He would make it up would he?

Of course comparisons are pointless unless they show Scotland in a bad light.

How is England doing?

95%? Good, unless of course it’s just ‘offered’ and not really ‘jabbed.’

Wales, I’m sure they ‘re ahead:

What? Really? Behind?

Northern Ireland?

No way! Can’t be.

These are official figures? BBC Scotland clearly knows better than to use them.

5 thoughts on “SHOCK: Scotland NOT lagging behind on vaccinations!

  1. Everyone who could die has had the vaccination. An amazing effort by everyone. Thanks to the SNHS and everyone who helped out. They are so appreciated. The healthcare workers and carers. Good guidelines and rules. If people follow them. Most do. The end is nigh. Not deaths sky high.


  2. Colonial broadcasting from a colonial mindset.

    The BBC’s remit is to prevent the “breakup” of the UK.
    They do this in Scotland by lying, fabrication, news management, commission and omission and bias in favour of British nationalism.

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