Yes but per head of population?

.…with almost 315 000 new cases recorded in the past 24 hours and more than 2 000 more deaths.

Yes, but India has a population of 1.36 billion compared to England’s 56 million. So how bad this is, is relative:

India has 24 times the population but that figure of 315 000 cases in day is only around 6 times more than the 53 200 at the peak in January. So the infection rate in England in January 2021 was FOUR times higher than in India today.

Over the whole pandemic, India has had far fewer cases:

And deaths? At the peak in January, England had 2.02 deaths per 100 000 while today India is suffering only 0.12 deaths per 100 000. The death rate in England has been 16 times higher than India, so far.


To repeat myself:

Obesity or the lack of it:

Obesity is the main risk factor, more than age, for a Covid death. Relatively speaking there is little obesity in India. That we have a far superior health system seems to matter little.

Why do the UK’s MSM report in this way?

A mixture of racism, exceptionalism and a reluctance to blame a government claiming to have saved us all by getting in smart and grabbing the vaccines? Tories are good at something.

5 thoughts on “Yes but per head of population?

  1. BBC head in the sand again – as it has been throughout the last year when it comes to REAL comparisons with England’s World Beating death rate and infection rate .

    Still , at least Boris has stopped shaking hands with Coivid infected people – small mercies !
    And he has cornered the world market in every vaccine under the sun , even some which were not directly filling the pockets of Tory donors .

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  2. BBC and statistics. They have not got a clue. It really is a disgrace. The rubbish churned out is unforgivable. £5Billion for that garbage. Enough to eradicate poverty. No wonder people do not watch it anymore. They share views and information on the internet. BBC News controlled by Westminster. Propaganda.

    Totally biased MSM. Beyond redemption. Vote them out. Do not buy into it. Don’t watch it. No viewers. No programmes. Just a bunch of it tittle, tattle. Regurgitated nonsense.


    1. On the contrary, they DO have a clue: they are wilfully misusing statistics. It is something they are trained to do so that they can propagandise.


  3. John, for the BBC it’s all about political squirrels really, look… over there…

    As previously commented, averages are highly misleading.
    – Even in Scotland the population average hid some severe area peaks such as Lanarkshire which in turn obscured specific areas with horrific levels. Care-home outbreaks were easier to envisage because they were physically/statistically confined and labelled, whereas the east of Airdrie was more difficult to compute.
    – In England’s case (when you could find county let alone national figures) the Tory-spin factory pushed UK averages for comparison deliberately to obscure the tragedy meted out by their incompetence.

    Agreed that India has a huge population, equally it covers a huge area with massive pockets of population such as Mumbai.
    The problem, like “the east of Airdrie”, is how to define a specific suburb of Mumbai where they are out of beds, oxygen, anaesthetics, etc., and people are dying in their thousands in the streets waiting for a slot for treatment.
    The tragedy for India is they thought the worst was over and got complacent – this latest mutant outbreak exploded and now the authorities are terrified they can’t put a lid on it.
    Think KENT variant and how it hammered us and everybody else, this is potentially very much worse.

    If there is any lesson for the west it is don’t get complacent… Unfortunately the current incumbent of #10 is not the type.

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  4. You are right to point out the vast size of the population of India and to make a comparison on the basis of ‘per million’.

    As well as your hypothesis about obesity, there are other factors. One of these is the situation in the different states which comprise India, which, individually, have far more powers over their own affairs than Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland do.

    The south Indian state of Kerala, which has had a communist government since Indian independence in 1948, has had a very low rate of infections and very few deaths. They learned from epidemics in the past and devised contingency plans which came into operation as soon as the first cases appeared in Kerala.

    There were contingency plans for the UK, but the mendacious, bombastic, greedy self centred Tories scrapped them so that – under the lie of ‘austerity’ – they could continue to transfer public money to their cronies and paymasters.


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