24 hours to go and BBC Scotland is campaigning hard

‘…..haven’t been vaccinated.’

Throughout the day before an election, the headline story, extracting anything from an otherwise positive story that might reflect badly on the the SNP administration. Scotland has, of course, vaccinated more of the JCVI list, over 50s and vulnerable, than the other nations but that’s a story only for reporting by BBC UK.

‘…in the area would be devastating’ and ‘would ruin firms that have only just reopened.’

Straight on to the second story, challenging the Scottish Government’s pandemic strategy, on behalf of a Conservative-run council and business interests and in the absence of any such threat as the Scottish Government waits till May 17th, planning to take the whole country with it.

..an illegal second referendum!’

Then straight into the leader’s debate and choosing to open with the Scottish Conservative leader’s lie when it is clear that the FM wants to hold a legal referendum and expects his leader to eventually give in and allow one.

Finishing with the the Conservatives wanting tax to be lowered ‘for some‘ in line with England.

Reporting Scotland senior staff would like you to believe that this is ‘the news’ which is just happening to them as it happens to you but this is the clear result of choices driven by an underlying agenda. Many other stories could have been chosen and many other ways of opening and of telling them could have been chosen too.

That this is true can be seen clearly in the choices of the other BBC stations this morning. BBC 1 offered these headlines:

The day before an election, the obvious headline?

Second, celebrating the work of the UK Government in fighting the virus with no mention of the many not yet vaccinated there.

Third, clearly a news story of interest with, of course, no mention of staff shortages compared with Scotland.

Fourth was more good news about Manchester City FC.

BBC Scotland is illegally campaigning in a last effort to dent the SNP surge and to preserve it’s employer’s control over a colony.

4 thoughts on “24 hours to go and BBC Scotland is campaigning hard

  1. Everyone who would die has been vaccinated. The forty year olds are now being vaccinated. The BBC lies are obvious. Out of touch with reality. People know the reality of their experience. Not the BBC reporting nonsense.

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  2. englands propaganda war on Scotland
    Westminster control BBC they use it as a propaganda tool around the world but most importantly for england they use it in Scotland

    Thats why they call it BBC Scotland and not BBC UK or BBC Britain

    Purdah ? What Purdah ? Theres no Purdah in Scotland , they just switch the westminster political broadcast from tory labour lib dem politicians
    to BBC Scotland presenters who are themselves unelected politicians acting on behalf of englands westminster

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  3. I thought I had actually misheard BBC Scotland this morning with the “have not been vacinnated” comment from their news reader. Clearly I wasn’t!

    I muttered to myself at the time, that is was a very odd thing to say, since if you take the figure away from 100% then its highlights what a great success in the vaccination program has been in Scotland!

    They must surely realise that their obvious bias and just lack of professionalism is making them a sad laughing stock.

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