Post-rock band Mogwai back SNP

Stuart Braithwaite Tele | Telecaster Guitar Forum

From SNP Media

Mogwai star Stuart Braithwaite has encouraged people across Scotland to give both votes to the SNP to guarantee the strong, experienced leadership of Nicola Sturgeon and a re-elected SNP government to help Scotland through the pandemic and into the recovery from Covid.

Speaking ahead of the SNP’s ‘cultural takeover’ on social media, the Mogwai star asked if “we want to be run by the people of Scotland, and the decisions to be made by the people of Scotland, or do we want to be run by Boris Johnson?”

Stuart Braithwaite said:

“This election is the most important in Scotland’s history, and the outcome will affect Scotland and Scots for generations to come.

“This May 6th I’ll be voting for Nicola Sturgeon – I trust her to run Scotland, and to deliver another independence referendum.

“I’ll be voting Both Votes SNP, and I’d encourage all of you to do the same and to encourage your friends and neighbours to do the same.”

Mhairi Black MP added:

“This election is a historic and important opportunity for young people to shape the future of Scotland – and to stop Boris Johnson and the Tories betraying future generations with further austerity, and gambling their opportunities away.

“The SNP has a positive, ambitious vision for Scotland’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, and, when the crisis is over, to put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands – not Boris Johnson’s.

“The only way to guarantee an SNP government led by Nicola Sturgeon is to give both votes to the SNP on Thursday.”

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