Labour learns nothing from 2014

Wings Over Scotland | Anas Sarwar Fact Check

From SNP Media:

The SNP today said that the final days of the election campaign showed that Labour and the Tories remain “as thick as thieves” after the leaders of both parties refused to acknowledge that the people of Scotland have a right to determine their future.

After interviews on BBC Andrew Marr and Radio Clyde, in which Douglas Ross and Anas Sarwar both struggled to defend their anti-democratic position, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said:

“As ever Labour and the Tories are thick as thieves when it comes to blocking the kind of progress for Scotland that people want to see.

“The failure of Labour to change their ways as they cling to the same anti-democratic stance as the Tories will be deeply disappointing for many – and shows they have learned no lessons from their past as they do Boris Johnson’s bidding.

“The SNP is entirely focussed on getting Scotland through and out of the pandemic and into recovery, in contrast Labour and the Tories seem entirely focussed on stopping the people of Scotland making a choice about their future, if that is what they voted for.

“It’s same old Tory and Labour pact, all over again.

“For experienced leadership, a real focus on recovery and the chance to choose a better future, when the time is right, it has to be both votes SNP this Thursday.”


Notes for editors:

7 thoughts on “Labour learns nothing from 2014

  1. The Claim of Right turned to utter shite and Brit Nat Mighty Blighty contempt.
    For them, there is no lawful, democratic route to independence.
    An imperialist veto by a racist English Nat, trumps the ballot box.

    100 years since Ireland was partitioned, and no lessons have been learned by them.


  2. Definite britnat scum. They do however mention the word “independence” which is more than can be said for Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP.


  3. Sooner or later and no matter where or when
    They are going to be forced to answer this simple question YES or NO
    “Do the citizens of Scotland have the absolute right to determine their governance”
    But before you answer consider this
    ” Those who make peaceful revolution impossible
    Will make violent revolution inevitable”
    Now answer the bloody simple Question
    YES or NO


  4. So many people are afraid to say they believe Scotland has the right to become independent they know what the english media which in reality is a front for englands Westminster government , is like , they know that Westminster and its media will try and ruin their career , their livelihood , their reputation , its what they do , what they have always done , so those who “have “ , say nothing , to protect their living , famous or well known people especially.

    A very few , brave ones , come out and say go for Scottish independence , chapeau to them ,they will be our heroes of the future.


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