6 out of more than 5 000 or 0.12% of Scottish Government civil servants were helping the SNP in ‘plotting referendum’

The Scottish Mail on Sunday

According to reliable journalist, Michael Gray two days ago:

Out of thousands of their civil servants the Scottish Government had 6 working on independence and when Covid hit they cut that number to 0. If anything more resource should be placed on getting the powers of independence to build a stronger and fairer recovery.

Today the First Minister is accused of no having prepared a detailed plan for independence.

14 thoughts on “6 out of more than 5 000 or 0.12% of Scottish Government civil servants were helping the SNP in ‘plotting referendum’

  1. Raab has apparently told Embassy staff abroad to brief against Scottish independence. Wonder if they will ask Putin again?

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    1. They can’t ask Trump, wonder if Biden will just say, ‘I’m Irish’ to the BritNats like he said to the BritNat BBC! That was such a great thing to see, what a brilliant retort, BBC were put in their place right there, lol.

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  2. ‘Plotted’. When not used to propagandise, that word would usually be used in the context of criminals, so it would apply perfectly to the English government and their totally underhand Brexit plot.

    Some plot, some plan, I think we know which one applies to who in ‘britain’.

    Discussing and planning something openly is not a plot. That Nicola Sturgeon ‘ordering’ people about who does she think she is, First Minister or something, the cheek of it!

    Looking forward to the ‘break up britain’, then these lying jobsworths in the so called media can cry into their cocoa, whaaaa! Bring it on!

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  3. Westminster has nothing to worry about. Nicola will ensure that another IndyRef will never be requested.
    GRA on the other hand will be fast tracked!


    1. Get real mate! Nicola is showing her sheer professionalism. When the time is right, we will have our referendum with the full acceptance of the international community.

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    2. To meleftthesnp , you are being silly , Nicolaa Sturgeon is pushing Scottish independence forward and she will arrange a referendum to decide.
      Gender recognition is already with us , the law will determine how much more can be done to help , nothing to worry about

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  4. Billions for Scots as Boris Johnson plans spending spree to save the Union
    Transport, education and PR war at centre of Prime Minister’s blueprint to thwart Nicola Sturgeon as sources fear ‘awful’ election result

    And Pigs can fly,are some people running scared,did you see hypocrite Ross on Marr easy ride for him and Rennie unlike the how the FM is treated.

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  5. So that ratio suggests insufficient attention aimed at defending Scotland from reactionary English nationalism, as every effort is being made to deal with a global pandemic, while disabling Scots law’s capacity to reflect biological reality? If so, deranged would be a good description of Scottish politics in general. Which has been conditioned to be Westminster’s bitch, so is unlikely to ever deliver Scotland to the promised land.

    Populism, Ontological Insecurity and Gendered Nationalism: Masculinity, Climate Denial and Covid-19


  6. I’m very rusty, but I’ve long been a supporter of the principle of equality in law, even before I understood anything about the law or its construction. So it looks like you can take the boy out of his natural setting, but you can’t take the evolutionary psychology out of the boy. Though I never saw myself being vocal on t’internet, trying to defend the potential for justice in and for Scotland.

    Brexit broke any bond or legal justification for continuing to stand under Westminster. It’s time Scotland told the British state they can stick their institutional Torydum. Which is an English disease that is harmful to the social and cultural well-being of Scotland.

    “Those who talk about revolution and class struggle without referring explicitly to everyday life …have a corpse in their mouth.” – Raoul Vaneigem

    Political constitutionalism versus political constitutional theory: Law, power, and politics


  7. Is that all. There should be more. The fifth column UK appointed civil service in Scotland. They have already been ripping off the public purse. The Scottish taxpayers paying for their mismanagement and propaganda. They are an utter disgrace. False trials and dishonesty. Broken rules, laws and guidance.
    The Brexit shambles costing Scotland dear.

    The Tories and the civil service are a disgrace. Cameron trying to milk public funds £20Billion. The amount that was cut from the NHS. Most of them should be in jail. Civil servants working with politicians outside government to rob the public purse. An absolute disgrace.


  8. Think this post is missing the point of the front page . . . . The Toff Journo’s are telling the plebs how evil the SNP really are . . . . Not to think too much about it . . . Oh look here’s a Princess (acknowledgement to Mr. A. Bissett)

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    1. Aww a future queen, living a life of luxury, how awful it would be if Scotland swept aside the chance to keep the monarchy, by regaining independence. All the pomp and pageantry, pooft, gone! Bring it on.


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