40 irritable grunts

In his 7 minute interview with Douglas Ross today, Andrew Marr interrupted him only 3 times and grunted irritably 10 times.

A week before in his 20 minute interview with Nicola Sturgeon, he interrupted her 23 times and grunted irritably 40 times.

Given the monstrous failures of the Conservative Party to prevent the damage, from Brexit, to the fishing industry in the Scottish Conservative branch leader’s own constituency and the enormous hypocrisy of his comments on the First and Prime ministers, alleged breaches, Marr was only superficially firm with Ross yet had been loud and aggressive with Sturgeon forcing her to interrupt his distortions of fact 8 times. Ross had no need to fight back.

11 thoughts on “40 irritable grunts

  1. Dyslexia momentarily had me wondering who the other 39 in your headline were…

    The prejudice and uneven handedness of the BBC over Scottish affairs are being noticed increasingly in England, but crucially, deplored.
    In their determination to crush independence aspirations on behalf of their political masters the BBC is losing credibility even in England.

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    1. I had to double take as well…I was thinking crikey, 40 Tories all in one room, oh dear! 🙂
      It’s amazing Marr is still in the job really, his interview technique (soft and cosy for the BritNats, a wee chat awww) is so predictable and tedious, but I suppose his interrogation technique, bias and contempt for the SNP keeps him raking in the £millions.
      Be great to see him wail into his cocoa if the result is in Scotland’s favour next week, damn well better be.

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  2. Ross is a hypocrite and have told him so,also has anyone else noticed how often Camilla Tominey is on the BBC a real anti SNP and critic of the FM,nasty piece a real tory.

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  3. The ethical practice of the national/state broadcaster is inescapably bound up with the practice of democracy, as well as the nature and state of law and order. So I was going to stretch things a bit and post “Katz at Forty: A Sociological Jurisprudence Whose Time Has Come”. And though it’s irritable grunts that are keeping humanity under the domination of old-skool colonial thinking and practice, I thought better. All I’ll say is you man Marr is part of the state machine that aims to further separate Scots from international law and order, which Westminster does not feel itself obliged to respect. 😦

    A Realistic View on Law and Legal Cognition


    1. Not until independence, broadcasting is a RESERVED POWER to the English government. ‘Broadcasting Scotland’ via YouTube is worth a watch daily at 7pm, they need some cash as well, help them ‘fight back’.


  4. I’ve been pointing to how to resist state sponsored cultural erasure for some time now, which would just be the ticket for resisting authoritarian English nationalism self-identifying as liberal constitutionalism consistent with the principles of mutual recognition and Treaty law. Though that would require a more particular view of legal reality though, from certain members of our political/legal Establishment anyway, if our politics is to ever support justice in and for Scotland, IMHO.



  5. These little runts think they can get away with murder. The BBC propaganda unit. Working against the people. Westminster controlled. It is now full of Tories. Any code of decency went out the window long ago. The Labour nepotism in Scotland all connected.

    Thursday will give the sycophants the answer. More of them will be out.


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