Less than 1 in 5 support opening of nightclubs

The Scotsman

The MSM, in Scotland only, are pushing this dead horse up the road in the days before an election. It’s not at all clear just how many and how serious these litigants are. It’s also not clear why they blame the Scottish Government for the financial support the UK Government controls.

One thing is clear. They have little public support.

In November 2020, Ipsos MORI found the pub closures were the least difficult for us to deal with:

Coronavirus rules people are finding most difficult to live with - Ipsos MORI

They didn’t ask specifically about nightclubs but I feel sure, if they had, even less than 19%would have cared.

Asked again, only last week, pubs and nightclubs were not mentioned and 54% said they’d miss some aspects of the lockdowns, such as more family time.


Non-story on the front pages.

12 thoughts on “Less than 1 in 5 support opening of nightclubs

  1. Tories are an uncommon breed in Scotland, thankfully, so someone has to represent their opinion and punt their cause, I suppose. Open democracy and all that. 😉


    “For times of disruptive crises that affect all areas of social interaction, research on crisis management identifies six central expectations that the general public have of political decision makers. They should (1) prioritise public safety in all decisions, (2) prepare for worst-case scenarios, (3) heed warnings to prevent a possible deterioration of the crisis, (4) take charge and provide clear direction to crisis-management operations, (5) be compassionate towards victims of the crisis and (6) learn lessons from the crisis. Right-wing populist governments have difficulties to meet these expectations.”


  2. Though pubs are now open, in our area of Edinburgh, still many people, mostly the young, are enjoying sitting in the park on blankets having a few beers. I think people are maybe changing how they socialise a bit, which is a good thing. Though Scotland has long winters, it’s time people started doing more outdoors in summer, but no matter the season. In other countries, people meet much more outdoors, and socialise more outdoors.
    There are still alot of people packed into the local beer garden, which is strange when you think about it, given the huge park nearby! It’s cheaper, you get a view of the city and you see the sunset, what’s not to like.

    As for nightclubs, they would be havenbs for Covid that is guarenteed.
    The owners no doubt are concerned for their profits not peoples’ jobs.
    40,000? In Scotland? Seems a bit unreal are there that many nightclubs?

    Would you work at a nightclub, or in some other area, like renewables, tech, environment, small scale farming or crofting, building infrastructure etc, there are many ways that people can be employed, or self employed, who’d want to work in a nightclub if they had a choice, not many I bet.


  3. Englands westminster propaganda war on Scotland continues , the BBC and the newspapers are controlled by westminster through their network of business involvement , purdah ? nah it doesnt exist except for those who oppose westminster , westminster continues its propaganda through the BBC and these newspapers 24 hours a day 365 days a week.
    Once we beat it we will have one almighty celebration.

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    1. I listened to a bit of BBC Radio 4’s ‘Any Answers’ programme today. Many callers from England were commenting on Scottish independence and the prospect of an indyref2.

      There was a common theme – in terms: ‘what right does just 5 million people in Scotland have to break up my country!’ One contributor forcefully suggested that even if everyone in Scotland wanted independence that should not be allowed unless the rUK agreed.

      The principles they were espousing either explicitly or by implication are frankly still astonishing to hear even if not being heard for the first time. Clearly these people have little or no awareness of the issues being debated in Scotland for ages.

      One senses they not only have no awareness but have closed minds – locked in a colonial mentality. They have no appreciation of what a ‘union’ actually means, far less a voluntary union. They have no perspective on the implications of the Brexit decision. And clearly they have no awareness of the rights of UK citizens in NI to vote on a proposition to leave the UK – if a majority wishes to vote on this option – every seven years. So the Union that NI belongs to is a voluntary one but by implication for Scotland it is not?

      It was a truly amazing listen – and not in a good way!

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      1. This is the core of the matter.
        Those who oppose Scottish independence do not accept that Scotland is a country/nation.
        The right to self determination,in their minds,therefor does not apply and that goes for Scots who oppose our rights as well.
        Scotland as a political entity ceased to exist when it was subsumed into Greater England is their “thinking”.
        It is becoming clear from statements issued by people like Blair that devolution was forced on British Labour and not as they like to pretend a response to Scotland’s democratic deficit.
        The Westminster establishment doesn’t give a fig for Scotland’s democratic deficit and will simply continue to ignore us in defence of their state.

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      2. Yes, there are many English who would do the world a favour, by expanding their awareness and so the horizons of their imagination. It isn’t easy to avoid being a cultural chauvinist though, if you been encouraged to think England represents the UK. Or have never had any constitutional barriers to your political needs being met. Unlike Scotland, which is being systematically disabled in its capacity as a nation, to defend itself from the nationalism of another nation.

        Identity and interaction: a
        sociocultural linguistic approach

        Click to access BucholtzHall2005-DiscourseStudies.pdf


      3. By speaking to friends and family in 2014, in NE England, that was the mentality. ( shocking, because tradionally people in NE Eng had felt an affinity with the Scots).

        The media did a very good job in England, of convincing people there that Scotland was being somehow selfish, and, the ‘I can’t stand that Alic Salmond mind’ was said out loud more than once! I was laughed at, ridiculed and told, ‘you just want a utopia!’ Of course the common theme was, ‘what will yous do withoot the oil like?’ Sigh.

        I think the demonising of Scotland then and now, is deliberate, the them and us mentality, how dare you think you are better and can leave the wonderful UK you lazy subsidy junkies, sort of thing. The real (underlying?) animosity is very sinsiter, and it’s a known tactic of a regime wanting to take over a country, to oust their democratically elected government and the people of for example, England, would see any force required to do that, as legitimate. Demonise a country, their government, their people, and in this case, instil a sense of possession, fear of that being taken away, as well as a sort of jealousy, how dare you do better or even want better than we give you so generously!

        Quite apart from the fact that this election is not an independence referendum, which by all accounts it is being treated as such in the so aclled media.

        It’s all orchestrated by the BritNat state, and it’s actually very sinister indeed. Scotland you better get away from the yookay pronto after the election, vote for a pro indy majority or you are toast as even semi autonomous country.

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      4. “what right does just 5 million people in Scotland have to break up my country . . . . even if everyone in Scotland wanted independence that should not be allowed unless the rUK agreed.”

        That’s what their leaders think.

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  4. Like all colonial powers they send , encourage , support people from the mother country who move to the colonised country they then set up little england enclaves and try and dismantle from the inside , like a parasite eating away from the inside.
    England has done this all over the world , right at this moment i am watching them do it in China , SKY tv pbs america the story of china.
    Yes you can say it was British but we all know in reality Scotlands part in Britain is only what england allows and that applied to the great british empire too.

    The idea that the union was ever equal or fair is laughable , the Scottish people knew it , thats why they rioted and suffered from 1707 for a hundred years.

    Read the old census records of Scotland , probably the only true historical record of Scotland after the union that has not been written through an english lense

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  5. Nobody goes to Court on a wing and a prayer, that this is flagged NOW tells you all you need to know, yet another political Bowie/Jack Inc stunt intended to sway the Scottish election.
    It will disappear the morning after the election along with hard borders, sterling, lost trade, and all the other ghosts they floated to deter SNP votes, unlike the incontinent pigeons which continue to terrify Weegies by precision bombing AC ducts, as witnessed by completely independent BBC employees (shit- pecialists)…

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  6. What benefits of union there have been, have generally been enjoyed by the few. Where as the costs to Scottish culture, environment and psyche, have been born by the many. So the nationalisation of private risk isn’t such a new game after all. 😦

    Internalized Oppression
    The Psychology of Marginalized Groups
    1: What Is Internalized Oppression, and So What?


  7. Dancing with death.

    Most people in England don’t care if Scotland is Independent. Many of them do not know where it is and care even less.

    Guardian readers now support it according to the comments. The Westminster imbeciles cling on.


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